EQUI Supporting Visionary Technology Entrepreneurs in Building Leading Companies

EQUI soon became an opportunity to become part of the movement strong and new investment. EQUI crypto community bridging with traditional venture capital market. EQUI combines venture capital market with the technology block a chain to change investment opportunities and presents an attractive convenience platform. He has built a platform where people will invest in entrepreneur companies and allow them to share the success and achievement of establishment of a company with a vision of a new generation. EQUI will soon become a major Center for new and experienced investors who want to be part of their new company.

EQUI will give them gifts to be invested in a visionary initiative has the potential to redesign the market and turning them into market leaders of tomorrow. Typically, such awards are often limited to a privileged elite investors. But break down the barriers to accessing EQUI and puts your future investment portal. In addition, the new approach will offer a choice of EQUI, financial flexibility and control.

Vision EQUI is bringing venture capital and investment into the era of modern technology our globalized world. This will allow people and companies to join and get involved in the investment sector, which traditionally intended for institutions and individuals.

Employers Fore
With the support of the Executive Board with a very successful entrepreneur and looked ahead, EQUI use not only financial capital but also an extensive global network to define the entrepreneurs and innovative initiatives that come from expertise managerial and strategic.

Tim EQUI was very ambitious and offers strategic advice by consulting, support resources, management and logistical support to ensure the company’s growth and advancement of entrepreneurship. This is a valuable reference as the gold; help turn your creative ideas into reality; This will be the basis for building successful companies that will accelerate the return of capital to all stakeholders.

Block Chain Technology and EQUI
EQUI-block technology believes that the chain will revolutionize the world of work and the world of our future. Using the technology block-chain, EQUI will allow platform to show these opportunities, which allow investors to join the next generation of successful companies.

In fact, the technology block-chain is a transparent process or registry that are protected against modification or deletion. Since the technological block-2017, the chain has an interest which is very fast, with additional features such as an increased level of security, lower cost, time savings and efficiency and reduced the margin of error.

EQUI is a combined stock of interesting new encrypted innovative investment platform. Built on a technology block-ethereum, EQUI change traditional enterprise investment markets and changing the crypto community to become the new generation of entrepreneurial investors. Investors who use EQUI TOKENS can buy shares in the company of emerging and entrepreneurial and profit from investment results and rewards are great. EQUI will present the best investment opportunities with real-world assets, technology companies and the ability of the future generations that revolutionized the market marketing effort.

Token sales and distribution
The loan is part of EQUI structure rewards investors. Signers EQUI investors who submit projects on the Platform of EQUI participates in the loyalty program credit EQUI. Loan EQUI is equivalent to 5% of the markers EQUI invested. EQUI-credit given will eventually be converted to a statement EQUI EQUI and transferred to the wallet. Loan production EQUI is based on a 5% annual increase of the total supply of markers EQUI. The following table contains sales and distribution information.

Pre-sale: 1 March
ICO start: March 8
Simge Token: EQUI
Total supply: 250 million EQUI
Price: 0.5 USD
65% token will be published through the process of pre-selling and ICO.
12% will be distributed to the Builder for the EQUI locking six months.
15% will be distributed to Team EQUI for a period of two months, every three months, subject to the lockout period is six months.
With a six-month lock-in period, 6% will be distributed to the Advisory Board for three months for two years.
2% will be used for Campaign Awards.
Payment accepted in Pre-ICO is USD, GBP, EUR and Bitcoin.
In ICO, EQUI can only be purchased with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoins and Ripple.
Basic encryption system is the Ethereum.
Other crypto currency will be exchanged through the Shapeshift.

Website : https://www.equi.capital
Whitepaper: https://www.equi.capital/whitepaper/EQUI_Whitepaper_050218.pdf
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