EQUI’s Bring Venture Capital Into The Modern Technological Era

EQUI – Venture capital is an investment in the form of financing in the form of equity capital into a private company as a business partner (investee company) for a certain period. Generally this investment is done in the form of surrender of capital in cash in Exchange for a number of shares on the company’s business partner. Venture capital investments are typically have a high risk but high yields as well. Venture capitalists or in a foreign language is called a venture capitalist (VC), is an investor who invested in the venture capital firm.
This venture funds manages investment funds of third parties (investors) whose sole purpose for investing in companies that have high risk so it does not meet the requirements of standards as a public company or to obtain capital loans from banking. This venture capital investment can also include granting technical and managerial assistance. Most venture funds this is derived from a group of investors established the Financials, investment banks, and other financial institutions that conduct fundraisers or partnerships for the purposes of the investment. The inclusion of capital made by the venture capital is mostly done to new companies stand so that it does not yet have a history of operasionil which can be a note in order to obtain a loan. As a form of entrepreneurship, venture capital owners usually have voting rights as defining policy directions of the company in accordance with the number of shares which he owns.
With blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies in particular, which has recently been the subject of major media attention, it seemed appropriate to explore the role of venture capital in the market is decentralized. Blockchain technology has become increasingly popular due to the large enterprises and corporations the novice alike see a growing market for a variety of applications beyond kriptoan, including documenting the legal contract and delivery tracking. Blockchain is essentially a new way to save and record the transaction; At first glance it seems very similar to a great book or a traditional database, except for the fact that it’s “block’s” everything is interrelated in a cryptographic system, forming a tight against cheating, corruption, etc.
Introducing a new Project that will bridge the usual venture capital upgraded with blockchain technology that is EQUI
Through a unique prize structure, each holder of EQUItoken will benefit from the returns generated from the project realized, ensures all interests remain aligned throughout the project. EQUI was trying to give the award to the participants who share our vision, offering an enhanced incentive structure for those who invest their EQUItokens in underlying investment projects showcased at EQUI platform. Investors who have a commitment against the odds on the platform EQUI will receive 70% of the profits generated.
Equi was the latest effort to face the challenges of crypto comes from business leaders Baroness Michelle Mone OBE and entrepreneur Doug Barrowman.
The Right Honouron Mone, Baroness OBE, making his luck after Ultimo lingerie company and brand tanning UTan.
In 2010 he was awarded the OBE upon marvelous contributions to United Kingdom business by Her Majesty the Queen.
In addition to the entrepreneur Doug Barrowman which brings 30 years of experience investing to the table, the latest project of Lady Mone EQUI will become champion of high-tech innovators and entrepreneurs, and provide a new route for investment.
There is no limit on the number of projects that have been selected to be invested.
In return, investors will receive an additional allocation of EQUItokens further through a system of loyalty EQUIcredits, calculated by 5% of the total investment EQUItokens.
The Increase In The Value Of The Token
     Returns The Project Indirectly
     Direct Project Return
     EQUIcredit Rewards
Holders who purchased EQUItokens and defend it in platform EQUI without investment will receive 5% of the profit generated from portfolio investments was realized. It provides the token that was held during the 3 months prior to distribution.
The Increase In The Value Of The Token
     Investment Project
     Direct Project Return
     EQUIcredit Rewards
Traders who bought the EQUItokens and buy and sell them on the stock of third parties receive the refinement in the price of a token.
75% of all profits are returned to the Investor and Holder. The remaining 25% go into investment team EQUI as a reward performance. This structure has been designed to ensure that the interests of all parties to keep in tune all the time so as to provide maximum value to all stakeholders.

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