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Equitybase is not a new company. They had been standing and operate earlier in the period of about 15 years. They already have experience and a very valuable Investor. During the period of the equitybase found some constraints and problems in the world of real estate investment. Constraints and the problem will certainly be felt also aLL ALL people who are active in the Investment property. This problem must be addressed immediately. Equitybase is ready to do it by applying Technology Savvy. Technology Blockchain.a

Try to imagine. Thus, I was a project manager of the apartment. Then there are those dating to me “I will try to help you with finding potential investors for your project with the proviso I would ask some of the profits”. I agreed to do so. She is the “Realtor”. He came to the people that they were interested in investing in Real Estate. The Realtor was also doing the same thing to investors like what he did to me. Some terms of the bargain advantage. What do you think? This causes of Liquidity in the Real Estate investment is less than optimal.

Okay. Back to the discussion. Historically, real estate has proven to be one of the best performing investment. As a real estate developer, equitybase early career spent in building and have commercial real estate properties. However, too often encountered a large portion of the profits from the project ends up largely in the pockets of their institutional investment partners, which in reality act as middlemen that stand between equitybase and people who invest his money. This is the cause why real estate investments are less liquid.

Equitybase has a simple solution: give each person has his chance and take advantage to invest directly in commercial real estate is high quality, with the liquidity of shares and the income of private equity investments combined with no lock-in period and there are no intermediaries. Equitybase platform will offer a diversified real estate investment directly available to anyone online. Equtybase will make the process of investing in the commercial real estate to the highest quality from around the world that is simple, efficient, transparent and fully liquidate.

Equitybase believes that one of the most revolutionary applications of Blockchain technology will be in the Real Estate and industrial exchanges. The use of Blockchain and technology contracts in the field of intelligent Real Estate has the potential to truly revolutionize this sector, giving direct access to real estate investments around the world, along with lowering the barrier to entry and improve the liquidity of the market (which is usually only seen in the public market). Equitybase platform will be utilizing a Hybrid Market system allows high annual returns from the private market system along with the General market liquidity.

Commercial Real Estate is one of the most dynamic investment class in the world. Commercial Real Estate is the only major asset class that produces high results and a significant equity buildup. It can be utilized efficiently for huge profits and have the security of assets in kind which you can see and touch (intrinsic value regardless of the stream of income). Can also provide some of the best tax advantages.

Equitybase is committed to implementing the technology Blockchain and Smart Contract (contract Smart) base on Ethereum in their system. The main purpose of equitybase is to focus on a super city such as New York, Los Angeles and expand into other markets such as Hong Kong and London in the near future. Each of these markets has the potential to benefit from the positive trends include: consistent Growth Rate, stability value, high demand, Minimum downside Risk, ease the implementation of the investment.

In a related development, equitybase will hold sales of Tokens (pre-ICO and ICO). Investors from all over the world can participate here.

A glimpse of pre-ICO and ICO.
Token from the Token named equtybase BASE contract with intelligent Ethereum.
Minimum purchase Token BASE is 0.001 ETH.
The initial price of the BASE Token is $0.28 USD/Token BASE.
Pre-ICO began 8 February 2018 to 21 February 2018 with 40% discount offer.

Website : https://equitybase.co
Whitepaper : https://equitybase.co/equitybasewhitepaper1.pdf
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Twitter : https://twitter.com/equitybaseco
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