ERN – Few projects working on Blockchain technology have the ability to release their own product, released into real life in the form of a material object. So, I have been very pleased to dedicate another article to the project called ERN. The project involved the creation of two tools, working on one platform, and touched upon completely different issues.

Thus, Audioplatforma ListERN is created for even distribution of the earned money among the participants of the platform, while performing the function of player, provides an opportunity to save and share with the rest of their own Music composition and more. Today we are going to talk about another key tool, released by ERN-Mindé Pocket Miner. What is Mindé POCKET MINER Lightness, simplicity, functionality and ecology-all these synonyms are directly related to the subject under consideration?

Mindé Pocket Miner is truly an easy-to-use universal subject of daily use. Due to its compactness, the latter will not in any way create discomfort to the consumer, on the contrary, the surrounding will attract its shape and stylish interface.

Thus, a compact object will be an integral attribute of your life, as it performs such functions:
1. A compact device suitable for daily use as a portable, revenue-generating module. So, Mindé Pocket Miner has a high-quality camera that allows you to record video, take photos and save it online. Also when connected to the network the device allows not only to extract currency but also to view various media files.

2. is a kind of portable safe, storing various, compatible with ERC-20 currencies. Thus, once you are in any place, you will be able to use a hand-held safe, storing not only the token issued by the ERN platform but also common in Kryptonite funds (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, etc.)

3. Perhaps the most profitable, bribing each user of mobile devices function. So, Mindé Pocket Miner can support the battery of your mobile device charged. Isn’t that cool? Being much more compact, having a stylish interface, performs the function of a portable charger, while also brings profit to the user.

4. Wi-Fi device can distribute the network to various devices (whether it is a laptop, a computer, or a mobile device). The speed of the internet will be higher than 4g LTE.

Financial costs and development prospects
The ERN team is planning to implement the project by 2019, releasing the above-mentioned device on sale and launching the ListERN platform in full mode. Thus, for the implementation of the project, the ERN team allocates more than 10 mln. US dollars, through a fairly successful presale of tokens.

The symbol for the ERN token will be ERN, the token will be started in the Ethereum blockchain.
You can use the ERN marker to purchase products and services that include Minde Pocket Miner.
Total available delivery will be 1 billion ERN
ICO will have 50% (500 mln. ERN
The available decimal number is 8.
The price will be $0.01 USD (4 liters). The date of the ICO will be from June to July.
The Hard Cap = $25,000,000
Soft limit = $10,000,000

It is rare to see projects that carry such an extensive idea as ERN. But the project not only set a high goal but also created effective tools that will soon into real life in the form of Audioplatformy ListERN and stylish device Mindé Pocket Miner.

P.S. This material carries information only for acquaintance and is not my recommendation. I do not encourage you to participate in the ICO. Investing in any of the ICO must take into account all the risks. The author of this article has presented an objective opinion concerning the project under consideration and is not an expert in the field of Blockchain technologies.

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