ERN Token – A Revolutionary Platform with a Solution

ERN – With such an early introduction of blockchain technologies in real life is connected to the emergence of more innovative projects, solving different kinds of problems that exist today. Each of the proposed Blockchain ICO tries to attract more attention to its idea.

So, the absolutely unique project is ERN, granted Kriptomiru such innovative technologies:
 ListERN-Audio platform, based on Blockchain technology
 MINDE POCKET MINER-an innovative environmental device.
This article is devoted to the first instrument proposed by the project ERN, ListERN.
What is ListERN
ListERN is a decentralized, revolutionary audio platform capable of playing, saving and exchanging audiobooks, songs, and other media files using Blockchain technology in its work.
How it works
Currently, listening to audio compositions is commonplace, the daily process of the majority of the world’s population. This process is a pleasant pastime for the ordinary person, which does not bring any benefits except moral satisfaction.

That was before the ListERN platform was created. Now, the platform will allow earning absolutely every user of the platform. Whether it’s an advertiser, a publisher or a regular listener, the app’s user.
Using blockchain technology, ListERN will be able to distribute revenue evenly among platform participants. The monetary unit will be a token called ERN.
ERN token
The ERN team has released 30 mils to implement the project. Tokens. This internal currency is distributed throughout the ListERN platform and will act as a reward for the listener or as a monetary unit for the purchase of something.
Road Map
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According to the stated roadmap, ERN plans to implement the goals by 2019.
As for the first component of the project-Audioplatformy ListERN, in 2019 the application will be fully launched.
The second component of the project (Mindé Pocket Miner) will be released on sale and launched by the same time.
The year 2020 is expected to be a continuous improvement of the ERN platform to create a wider audience by implementing additional services.

Project Team
The project team did not leave me indifferent. Thus, within the team of developers, there are leading experts-cryptology, successful IT-programmers, long gained trust in the world of Blockchain.

The created ERN platforma launches completely new technologies, providing environmentally harmless and pleasant earning on everyday processes.
Now, listening, sharing and creating audio compositions will bring not only moral satisfaction but also financial profit to everyone.
P.S. This material carries information only for acquaintance and is not my recommendation. I do not encourage you to participate in the ICO. Investing in any of the ICO must take into account all the risks. The author of this article has presented an objective opinion concerning the project under consideration and is not an expert in the field of Blockchain technologies.

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