Sharemeall Before the money was invented, people used the Exchange method to sell their products and buy something else. A farmer in need of wheat can meet this demand by giving barley to another farmer. With the advent of the Middle, Ages travelers began to pave the way for foreign countries. They went to continents such as Africa and began to trade their goods, such as leather and cloth, with gold and precious metals. In these examples, where the Swap method is used successfully, people have gained a good profit from this trade. However, changing values requires a constant value over time. To answer this need, the coins entered our lives.

For the first time, these precious metal coins turned into useless pieces of paper because people cut corners of money and sold them. Whatever the name, traditional currency systems have been designed and planned to find a solution to mutual change.

Today, applications such as AIRBNB and Uber have become examples of the currency system and the economics of exchange. These applications are systems in which a person needing any services and owners services comes together and integrates to find solutions.

What is Sharemeall?
The Sharemeall team, inspired by the ultimate exchange economy, has taken steps to create a system of the first type in which people can shop to meet their mutual needs. With the Sharemeall system, users can get something in the hands of Eswitch Token, replacing their capabilities with another user. Users can then use this token to buy a service.

Features of the Sharemeall platform
All users are free to reduce the price of the services they provide. Users who do not have so many eswitch tokens can eliminate these disadvantages by providing the stock market or other types of services to get this service their own hands.

Sharemeall allows not only users but also companies to keep up with this system.

This system, which supports and rewards third-party applications to support the Sharemeall system, aims to provide users with better service. Sharemeall For example, any insurance company sells insurance services on the platform and can generate income in exchange for guaranteed reciprocal changes.

This platform has been developed with open source software that allows developers to perform their activities and design. Developers can create their own applications through the Sharemeall platform and directly incorporate them into the sharemeall ecosystem. Developers who can develop a chat system to interact with each other can tailor their systems to the Sharemeall system and profit from the platform’s revenue.
As an example, John, who has knowledge of the guitar, can teach the Sharemeall platform and get the Eswitch token instead. John can either make money directly by selling tokens or use them for any other purpose. Over time, John’s guitar is outdated or wanted to replace his guitar with the best model. If John doesn’t have enough tokens, he can earn more eswitch tokens and buy something more valuable than what they earn by producing something on the platform and supporting the platform.

Sharemeall Having developed a stable and detailed platform, Sharemeall united the economy of exchange with blockchain and realized a unique platform. This project, which has never been seen in the world of cryptocurrency, is managed by a team that participates in such well-known projects as Pet chain and Laneaxis.

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