ETAINPOWER – Tokenize Global Renewable Energy Assets

Etainpower  – Energy is the source of life on earth, and this is one of the things that makes it possible for the human population on this planet. Continue to find ways we use energy sources for our Survival. The broad non-renewable utilization sure more energy sources have exerted tremendous pressure on the limited resources available on the Planet. People begin to feel when the harmful consequences of this activity on this planet Ø their daily life, begin to Chercher other harmless renewable energy Sources.

When calculating, the energy of light is the greatest energy that can be found on this earth. This is due to the fact that the light source itself comes from the sun, is the most useful which is the star × our Solar System. Light has many functions Ø used êàê the source of life for living beings on our earth, without any light energy, then our world will not be able to live with objects that transform light energy  The most important energy on earth, which makes sense energy Very important for everyone to Understand. Welcome to Etainpower
We support the team of leading Silicon Valley engineers, introduce innovative architecture blockchain reorienting global assets for  renewable energy, enabling them to quickly quest freely trade through our Decentralized decentralized technology platform Blockchain.
Etainpower is a team of experts with the technological background of Blockchain, helping × the implementation of we projects × the area of renewable energy, overcoming their financial barriers, while improving the functioning of modern Electrical Enterprises. And fascinates the strength of the transaction Equation. Therefore the energy has a lot of understanding that suits the researcher who studies it, Â the end but the hypothesis of each energy is the same as.

The project can be funded by investors all over the world, and the platform defines intellectual contractual rules and regulations. The two tokens that are run by the framework are used for different purposes. The token EPR (token Platform) and the PPS (Power Points) Etainpower  token are used by project participants and manufacturers on the PLATFORM.

People who want to contribute to a renewable energy project can purchase a PPS token with an EPR SIGN. One of the main objectives of this platform is to promote a focus model for the financing of renewable projects.
Road Map
T3 2017
Etainpower officially Started.
Q2 2018
Contract with electric utility Antigua
Q3 2018
Portefeuille PPS 1.0
We have completed the selection criteria for Project Financing.
Q4 2018
Platform. Beta crowdfunding
The contract for energy project with a capacity of 600 MW was signed
Janvier 2019
4/4, 2019
Exclusive application for trading P2P Services.
EV Rent and Charge EV
T2 2020
PPS 3.0 (microgrid)
Intelligent Grid Development
Système Smart Grid 2.0
8.6 Capital ratio for projects GW

Etainpower  has always been an Enterprise energy company with centralized authorization of conventional fossil fuels create for us a fair price, is also the cause of this pollution hazard to the Ø Environment. In recent years, the international arena with fossil fuels, along with global warming pollutants, and policy development, have been promoting projects aiming × the area of renewable energy.
In the final analysis, renewable energy companies have made progress and development in the first direction, and prices for the collection of renewable energy sources are often declining. Additional energy initiatives so × renewable energy sources are built on the basis of traditional fossil fuel energy tasks. By 2016, 60% of the newly added international energy capacity comes from renewable sources.

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