ETERBASE – First Regulation-Compliant European Cryptocurrency Exchange

ETERBASE – Recently, the issue of using cryptocurrency as an alternative to fiat money is very relevant. Surely every modern man thought about the usability of digital assets, a wide range of its application and high level of security. But to start using cryptocurrency in practice is much more difficult it is necessary to choose a qualitative platform for work, which will reliably save the user’s capital and provide a wide range of financial transactions at an affordable price. Decentralized platform Eterbase offers the first project on work with cryptocurrency in Europe.

Eterbase will use “branded infrastructures and appropriate engines” to offer “protected, complex, large volumes of trades” to a level comparable only to Wall Street, “the official website reports.
Eterbase is built on a comprehensive normative nucleus. This kernel complies with provisions such as KYC, AML, CTF, and GDPR, making it fully compatible with the rules of the European Union.
Eterbase strives to offer powerful trading opportunities for professional traders and beginners, including “human-centric design, 24/7 support, and intuitive interface”.
Eterbase is applying for the creation of an electronic money institution or EMI in accordance with European regulatory standards. If successful, this will allow eterbase to issue fully valid international bank account numbers or IBAN. This means that they will be able to directly clean up payments in euros, serving customers throughout the European Economic Area (EEA), which covers 31 European countries. This would ensure eterbase similar coverage and service as the European bank.

Another advantage of obtaining an EMI license is the ability to integrate eterbase with the Unified Payment System (SEPA) system. SEPA is available for 500 million people and 20 million companies in Europe. If the Eterbase EMI application is successful, the platform will be able to accept direct cash deposits and withdrawals in the payment account just like the bank. Eterbase will also be able to issue debit cards and carry out card payments against like a regular bank.

Eterbase plans to launch the mobile app in the future. This mobile app will offer secure, fast, convenient management and management of multiple portfolios on your mobile device.
Token and ICO
Eterbase, or ETX tokens, are tokens that are compatible with ERC20 built on Blockchain Ethereum. Tokens can be redeemed for discounts, products, and services available through eterbase. The main purpose of ETX tokens is to gain access to the Eterbase membership scheme, which we will discuss below.
Token: ETX (ERC20)
Total: 1 000 000 000

Sources of information
You can learn more about this project on the official website. Where are presented both the roadmap and the brief presentation of the essence of the project and naturally there is a white sheet in which you can more detailed and deeply immersed in the essence and concept of the project. Also on the official channels of information, you can get all the latest information about the development of this project.

Conclusion :
Eterbase seeks to Kapustin a fully regulated exchange of cryptocurrencies in Europe. This exchange will offer enterprise-level trading opportunities along with a multilevel membership system that greatly rewards ETX token holders. Eterbase also applies to become an electronic monetary institution (EMI) under EU law, which means that Exchange can accept SEPA transfers and directly interact with European banking systems.

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