Eternal Trusts The world’s First Fiduciary Crypto Protocol

Eternal Trusts  – Despite the technological advance of humanity, we have not yet flown to Mars, and cloning or restoration of DNA samples are still perceived on the verge of fiction. We have the technologies and opportunities of tomorrow. Some areas are not sufficiently studied, others are not investigated because of ethical, legislative and religious constraints. It is in “Tomorrow” and offers to invest Eternal trusts on its own blockchain platform.

What is this?
Eternal trusts is a company that has been registered in the country of Singapore in the fall by the year 2017. It is headed by Cyril Sylvester, formerly vice-president of Alfa-Bank. In the state, in addition to Silvestrov, judging by LinkedIn,-the pros in the Trust fund management sector and investment bankers. The company’s headquarters will eventually move to Zurich.

The basic idea of Eternal trusts comes down to the creation of trust funds on Blokchejne. You make money in them for clearly defined goals that will eventually become possible. Neither the heirs nor the state will be able to withdraw money from such fund.

The management of Eternal trusts is based on positive statistics. On the one hand, according to Socoprosam, about 15% of the population of the earth want to prolong life significantly. On the other-in, the U.S. under the control of trusts is $6.1 trillion, the annual profit-$169.8 billion, the annual growth of the industry-6.6%. And why has no one ever brought “genetic immortality” and trusts together?

How does it work?
Let the idea of Eternal trusts innovative and, what is there, clearly ahead of modern medicine and industry, works blockchain-platform is extremely simple.
 Register and get into the personal account.
 Choose “Dream”/task/target and term of the contract (25, 50, 100… Years).
 Contribute money to the trust fund. In “Fiat”, “crypt” or by means of insurance.
 The CEO of startup gives such an example: Regular insurance ($80 monthly) with accruals allows to accumulate $1 million for 20 years. Reasonable and profitable investment, because Eternal trusts promise to fulfill the tasks in the long term.

Dollars and “coin” in trusts can be stored for centuries. Assets are legally protected from claims of “heirs” or fiscal bodies.
To Eternal trusts at the request of the customer can move his DNA, body, and brain.
Start-up will analyze what services there is the greatest demand. This data firm will give to R&D-divisions of the corporations working in the sector of medicine and industry that those directed finances on researches “at the address”.
The customer can be calm for their investments, because
 Desires (goals) are legally fixed,
 The money will go strictly to the needs of the consumer,
 The Eternal trusts will cooperate with the leading banks to ensure that the assets are not evaporated in a single moment for any global reason.

Singapore startups call the described investment “deferred purchases”. Yes, now such technologies are not available (for example, freezing for a hundred years to wake up in the world of the future, resuscitation after chemical or cryogenic preservation of the brain, cloning on biomaterials…) or prohibited by ethical considerations, but, Will certainly become widespread over time. Nowadays it is difficult even to find a contractor who would agree to keep the biomaterials, not to mention the cloning of human beings! The platform will allow you to plan and accelerate the implementation of habitual biomedical procedures, expensive and long queues (like organ transplant). Simple and convenient.

Why invest in Eternal trusts?
Cryptocurrency and the future are tightly connected, and Eternal trustsare living proof of that. About an unusual startup has already written influential magazine Entrepreneur, and the sum of fees on ICO (taking into account Presejla) has exceeded for $4.5 mln. So many people really need this platform.
A number of services (not only medical) for today were not tested by a control group of scientists and were not approved by officials. That does not cancel their importance and relevance in the future.
Some businessmen, familiarized with White Paper firms, saw in it air of a revolutionary trend on decentralization of all financial instruments.
Well, in general, trusts can be trusted. Statistics for the states it clearly confirms.

ICO Details
 Ticker: ETT (ERC-20)
 Total tokens: 3 billion
 Tokens available on ICO: 1.95 billion
 ICO Dates: June 1, 2018 – October 1, 2018
 Softkap: $7 million
 Price: 1 ETT = up to 0.021 USD (there are bonuses)
 Minimum investment amount: 0.1 ETH

Conclusion :
Eternal trusts You are already free to try out the MVP platform Eternal trusts. The startup is preparing to test smart contracts and UTRJASAET legal issues. Now you can only slow down the aging if you become a healthy lifestyle, but do not win. Want you and your loved ones to know what it is, the world of the future? Support ICO Eternal trusts!


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