ETHEAL – Improving The Lives Of 1 Billion People By Making Healthcare Transparent

Etheal is a company that uses blockchain technology to solve existing problems in the health service for this, namely the problems which are increasingly high cost of health care. During these ecosystems among patients, care providers (doctors, clinics) and supplier parmacy is not efficient and is also not relevant. And in fact this is what makes health care costs become higher, the lack of transparency and also the influence of some political interests. And also during the time doctors opened clinics advertise their services and practices to third parties such as google which charges for ads on google health services is very high, even up to $10

By using the blockchain technology Etheal aims to make health care costs become unaffordable no matter where patients are located. With the supported smart contract Ethereum allow all patients to pay the cost of health care services and ivaa in this world to the company Etheal with a digital token. The company will make a token called token HEAL and this token will be used to facilitate transactions between ecosystem relationships which consists of patients, care providers (doctors, clinics) and also the supplier pharmacy as well as the other parties involved in the healthcare industry. Because a digital token HEAL can be use to make trades worldwide then thus the cost of the transfer will be much cheaper and will become much more transparent. And now this Etheal system is already running in the 2 countries i.e. Hungary and Brazil, and they have plans to develop this plan into other countries. And also they already have around 420.000 care providers around the world.

What is the purpose of Etheal and why should you join him?
On top of already in explain that the purpose of the Etheal is to reduce the cost of health care is high at the moment, and thus those who are still in the intermediate state of the economy to the bottom could be greatly helped, in addition also the people who are in remote locations far from health services is also very helpful. Likewise with tourist foreign countries who are in another country, when in need of health services will pay more because the payment is transparent and there is no other party’s interests in it. All of this became possible because of the support of the blockchain technology, this proves if blockchain technology is very useful for the world community in the field of health.
Some of the goals and benefits of Etheal are:
  • The benefits for the patient, the course will get a health care costs are much cheaper. The benefits of this very in need for people in the country that still thrive where health care costs are still very expensive in taste. And also people who reside in remote areas. In addition, patients may receive incentives from the contribution in doing in the ecosystem.
  • Benefits for care providers, such as doctors and clinics are advertising costs that typically they do on google and facebook are of course very expensive, so also cause health care services given they become costly to the patient, but the results of those ads are irrelevant and inefficient. With the Etheal plaform, care providers can depress the cost of advertising and could find patients are relevant, so that it can provide medical services to patients and costs/rates are cheaper. In addition, physicians can build trust in his patient, because the health care industry it is important to build trust and reputation from the patient.
  • Advantages for suppliers parmachy is found and able to interact more quickly and directly with the patient and care provider globally and costs cheaper.
While the Token HEAL in this ecosystem is token utilities to be used as means of payment for medical services, medical screening service internal, to participate in the research and advertising by major pharmaceutical companies.
How does Etheal?
This Etheal system will work on an existing platform they are called With the support of blockchain and smart technology contract Ehereum, this platform will unify and bring together between user/patients, care providers (doctors, clinics), suppliers and other parties involved in the health care industry. The existence of direct interaction between them then the cost of health care will be in the press semaksimalnya. Because during this time, the cost of health care is becoming expensive because some doctors clinic using middlemen party services to advertise their services, such as advertising on google which google will put up the price of the expensive advertising content the healthcare industry. Token HEAL will act as the only way to settle the payment for the services provided through the platform, as well as acting as a means to provide incentives to the trusted source to review medical services provided the review system, creating a truly trustworthy.
Who are the team behind Etheal?
Etheal team consists of some of the people that already have many years of experience in the healthcare industry, they are the Dr. MIHALY KERTESZ as co-founder and Operations, he is an alumnus of Miami Ad School of New York, who was also the winner of the Golden Effie Awards (The Oscars Of Advertising Effectiveness). 10 years spent in veterinary medicine and the world of clinical research. The other team was VIKTOR TABORI as co-founder, CTO, she is a Cyberpunk, hacker, polymath best remembered. And many team and advisor who can semunya a look at the

Details Of ICO Etheal
Current presale is still running until the 15th of December. And after that it will be held at the ICO.

PRESALE START: November 29-December 15, 2017. ICO Main will be on hold in January.
SYMBOL: Ḫ (Unicode character U + 1E2A, HTML entity & #7722;)
TOTAL SUPPLY: 100 million HEAL
Price: 1 ETH = 1.250 HEAL (PRE-SALE)
Bonus: 25% (Presale)

Create a wallet the Ethereum support token ERC20, one of MyEtherWallet.
The contents of MyEtherWallet with the Ethereum balance
Next visit the website Etheal ( and select the check boxes next to small, Ethereum address will appear from Etheal,
Send the Etheal to the address of the ETH and the next they will send back the token HEAL corresponds to address of ETH we wear while sending the ETH.
For more details please feel free to join and ask questions in the official telegram chatnya


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