Ethereum ONE – Cryptocurrency and a Decentralized Project

EthereumONE – I welcome you all another time to the present extraordinary journal, as was common ! all of you know, I continuously carry you at the side of any data concerning smart crypto connected comes through my journal. According to the most purpose or fastened style of this text, I will be able to be presenting you a quick introduction concerning cryptocurrency
A cryptocurrency could be a digital plus designed to figure as a medium of exchange that uses robust cryptography to secure money transactions, management the creation of further units, and verify the transfer of assets. Cryptocurrencies are a form of other currency and digital currency (of that virtual currency could be a subset). Cryptocurrencies use suburbanized management as opposition centralized digital currency and central banking systems.

The suburbanized management of every cryptocurrency works through distributed ledger technology, usually a blockchain, that is a public money dealing information.

Bitcoin, 1st free as ASCII text file code in 2009, is mostly thought of the primary suburbanized cryptocurrency. Since the discharge of Bitcoin, over 4,000 altcoins (alternative variants of Bitcoin, or alternative cryptocurrencies) are created.

In 1983 the yank cryptanalyst David Chaum planned Associate in Nursing anonymous cryptologic electronic cash known as cash. Later, in 1995, he enforced it through Digicash, Associate in Nursing early variety of cryptologic electronic payments that needed user code so as to withdraw notes from a bank and designate specific encrypted keys before it will be sent to a recipient. This allowed the digital currency to be untraceable by the supply bank, the govt., or a 3rd party.
In 1996 the United States intelligence agency printed a paper entitled a way to create a Mint: the Cryptography of Anonymous Electronic money, describing a Cryptocurrency system 1st business enterprise it in an exceeding university listing and later in 1997. According to the aim or fastened style of this text, Today! we are going to be discussing or analyzing a few specific superb projects called: ETHEREUM ONE

EthereumONE is Associate in Nursing ERC20 compliant token listed on the Ethereum network, created to assist users to notice a secure, quick, and reliable various existing act currencies. we tend to in Ethereum One supports suburbanized cryptocurrencies, Not ripple that’s controlled by banks or state issued. we tend to support a suburbanized project like Bitcoin, Verge & DigiByte, as a result of they’re the core and essence of what cryptocurrency is concerning.

EthereumONE desires to form a distinction which is what this project and mission are concerning. Our aim to form a distinction for all the those that don’t have a checking account. Ethereum ONE could be a cryptocurrency and a suburbanized project, and that we would like to see folks and businesses around the world to adopt what our project would do to assist them, especially taking management of their own funds. The blockchain is one in all the foremost superb innovations in our time period and we’re still within the early part, we tend to believe and trust on blockchain and apprehend the potential and what it will rouse the three billion folks with no checking account within the world.

The team of behind contains a background within the following areas: Blockchain development, Banking, and marketing we’ve got an excellent insight in banking and that we apprehend what the challenges are, that many folks face once gap a checking account nowadays. if you’re a developer please reach out, EthereumONE we will continuously use the additional hand. and we’ve got core developers that are active in alternative crypto comes and this talent can facilitate USA develop LitecoinONE and take the USA to succeed step, that goes to be our own blockchain resolution.

The founders of EthereumONE envision a future wherever EthereumONE is widely accepted as a way of payment altogether countries and has become a vital a part of the normal economic system. They see a world wherever everyday operating folks will store the worth of their labor in an exceedingly secure unit valuable known as EthereumONE. EthereumONE becomes the de-facto world currency, utilized by banks, insurers and everyday commerce, contributive to a resistance world of commerce, wherever shopping for and merchandising is currently greatly expedited because of EthereumONE.

EthereumONE At the top of 2018 we tend to ar reaching to launch Associate in Nursing APP which can support our payment resolution, therefore all will use and pay with EthereumONE round the world as long as they need a mobile. moreover, in 2019, we tend to are launching our own suburbanized Exchange and additionally launching virtual cases, therefore, you’ll have your Ethereum ONE safely keep in your own wallet on your laptop ar on mobile. we tend to encourage to require a part of this project and that we want to facilitate in an exceedingly wide selection of areas type support, development, project ambassadors and additional Thanks for reading our whitepaper if you have got any queries or if you’d wish to participate during this project, please reach bent on USA.


Private Sale Is Live

Minimum Contribution zero.1 ETHER

To Participate in ICO, kindly send ETH to the present contract address:0x7DdD4DC7d0F750288074878DcC52F55BD65C919a
What makes EthereumONE ICO different: Ethereum One guarantees to purchase Token ETO At value zero.5$ in Exchanges If we will reach one.000.000$ in ICO and personal Sales

35,000,000 for token sale

HARDCAP: 3.000.000$

SOFTCAP: 1.000.000$

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