Ethernitymining Green energy, Solution For Mining

Ethernitymining is a project that combines crypto mining green energy, renewables and hardware purchases large quantities of mines who introduced the concept to the big mining companies and hardware providers of South Africa, as well as be able to close the deal that can run up to 30% discount on all hardware mining. This way Ethernitymining can offer the most profitable mining opportunities contributor has ever seen.

Issue & Solutions
Energy consumption and pollution is a major problem in mining. Because in a few years mining cryptocurrency increases significantly. The power used for the mining of crypto even exceed annual total electricity demand from some countries. As long as the value of the currency will continue to rise is no crypto increased electricity consumption. Miners will get more in the value of $ buy and will keep more to the cost of electricity.

Other issues that are directly caused by a large number of electricity consumption is pollution. To this day the majority of the mining facility fully executed with power generated by fossil fuels. Most of the mining is done in China, where energy costs are comparatively cheaper than in places like the United Kingdom or the United States.
The solution provided by Ethernitymining is green and renewable energy that is driven by a powerful solar PV market, renewable energy accounted for nearly two-thirds of net new power capacity worldwide in the year 2016, with almost 165 gigawatts (GW ) comes online.

Solar PV already entered a new era in which during the next five years the solar PV represents the largest annual capacity addition for renewable energy, far above the wind and hydro. It marked a turning point and support solar PV estimate is more optimistic that the revised up more than a third compared to last year. The revision was driven by cost reduction sustainable technologies and market dynamics that have never happened before.

How Does Ethernitymining Work?
There are three stages of Ethernityming works as follows:
The purchase of tokens for token sales ETM-ETM Token will be available exclusively for the next phase of the sale of the token. Soon after the sale of tokens ended, smart contracts will be deployed with the total amount of the sale for the sale of the ETM token. There will be no new token available after that. And any person who does not manage to buy tokens for sale can only participate if a holder would sell in token in private or public places in bursa ETM can be traded.
ETM token is proof of your ownership-sales after the end of the token, all purchased tokens will be distributed to all personal wallet contributor. The token will be locked until after the purchase is confirmed by partners group. The number of tokens you determine the Division of your ownership in the purchase and immediately after opening a token for transfer, you can sell your token.
Receive the weekly back directly on your personal wallet-after purchase of the mass which will be using the facility, the first in South Africa with the mining partners. As soon as the facilities began operating, the weekly payments will begin. “Note: to be able to accept returns downloads, you must have the token in your personal wallet. Have your token in the wallet of the Exchange will lead to a loss of refund due to a refund will be sent to the wallet of the Exchange. So make sure if you have a token on each Exchange to attract them back to your personal wallet a few hours before the contract smart tracking all purse. “

Name: ETHernitymining
Symbol: ETM
Total supply: 150.000.000 ETM
The token is a token-based ETM ERC20 standard.
ETM token entitles the holder to:
~ Receive a 100% of the proceeds generated from the mining that they buy. 80% is paid directly to the wallet holder ETM and 20% used to reinvest in enhancements to expand or build new facilities.
~ Voting right. Token holder has the right to choose when they are major decisions made according to the new facilities.

All tokens that are not sold after the sale bulk will be burned to keep the exclusivity.
The premium investors stage
~ There is no Soft Cap
~ hard cap $1.2 million

pre-public sales
~ There is no Soft Cap
~ a hard cap of $ $1.5 million
crowd sale
~ soft cap $2.5 million
~ hard cap $18.5 million
Total project
~ soft cap $2.5 million
~ hard cap $21 million

Details Of ICO
10,000,000 ETM is available for the premium investors during the early bird sale
~ $0.12/1ETM
~ 7500ETM-minimum purchase a maximum of 750,000 ETM
~ Premium Access to the reference platform
~ First come first served Policy
ETM 10,000,000 available for public sale pre
~ $0.15/1ETM
~ 2500ETM – maximum minimum purchase purchase 750,000 ETM
~ Early Access to the platform reference after the Early birds
~ First come first served Policy
100,000,000 ETM is available for sale to public crowds
~ The sooner you join, the more benefits You
~ purchase a minimum of 100ETM
~ The sooner you sign up the higher you will be in the program reference
~ Crowd sale start from $0.17 and will increase by $0.01 per 25 millions of token
~ The next Batch automatically starts instantaneously after the previous.
1st batch of 25,000,000 ETM > @ $0.17
2nd batch of 25,000,000 ETM > @ $0.18
batch 3 25,000,000 ETM > @ $0.19
batch 4 25,000,000 ETM > @ $0.20
The Date Of The Sale Of Tokens
The premium investors phase open until 30/03/2018
Pre-sale stage 01/04/2018 to 15/04/2018
The public sale of 16/04/2018 to 15/05/2018

Token Distribution
All the tokens will be distributed within 5 days after the end of the sale, no later than May 5. Token and token in the buying payday obtained will be distributed together. Each Member will be able to track total ETM in member account temporarily. The reference platform will be closed after the conclusion of the distribution of tokens will be replaced by platform and track your quarry.

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