EUROPEAN CRYPTO BANK A New Solution For The Financial Markets

Crypto Bank Europe is a platform of banking and trading to Cryptos and FIAT, which offer tax benefits to chain blocks, cryptoanalysis/brands and wealth management. Specialists from France, Italy and the United Kingdom are creating multidisciplinary teams to create a European private bank. Assets and the assets of bankers, tax experts, computer scientists, mathematicians and engineers Blockchain held a partnership to facilitate access to the market of Samar in the arena as many people through Wealth Management and Wealth Optimization.
European Crypto Bank plans to become a pan-European capital management and private banking service in the fields of the new economy, which will grow to be 8 trillion euros per day.

Europe Crypto Bank (ECB) built the first trading and banking platform for investment in the market underground resources (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Wireshark, Ripple, Dash, …) based on a chain of blocks.
The idea of Cryptocurrencies is relatively new, while the market is represented by Crypto is limited to a small community of people who showed interest in this technology.
The number of services related to cryptocurrencies offered on the market today is quite common, and the evolution continues. For the user a level, moving around in such a variety of somewhat difficult: for example, to identify high-quality services from low levels, to know how it works, and how to use opportunities provided by Market Cryptocurrency.
All of the above, we believe that this may be the biggest problem for business growth Cryptocurrency.
The main problems to achieve adhesion mass is the belief in the market for Crypto.
People want to invest in a market that is safe and confident, well informed and get answers about your financial situation and their fiscal territory.

We aim to provide users with the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies products and services by providing a stop-loss solution that is easy to use for individuals and businesses, regardless of their level of experience, following the tax laws in their country. and avoid money laundering.
By using Robot Advisors (AI) us Crypto study and offer a complete Currency, we believe that we offer a very good service and complete.
For investors, including a tutorial for all the new entrants in their native language (France, United Kingdom, and Italy, then Germany, Spain and Portuguese will follow).

Companies that raise funds through the ICO has garnered more than 1.6 billion euros during the first nine months of the year 2017 (source: ICO CoinDesk tracker).
These companies raise funds in the market through Bitcoin (BTC), the Ethereal (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and other cryptocurrencies. There are now more than 1,300 altcoins.
> Identification ICO
> Starting on February 16 and will last until March 19, 2018
> Name token-ECB
The ECB is the token value > €0.63
> Hardcap Softcap and no.
> Public Token is available in phase ICO-345 414 463 ECB
Problem of token-677 283 261 > ECB
> Minimum amount to be bought is 20 Tokens ECB, the maximum limit

The beginning of ICO: on 16 February 2018, participants will receive a discounted price:
Discount first period (from 16 February until 9 March 2018)-15%, so the 37,348,273 token of euro 0.5355.
Second period (10 March-31 March 2018)-10% discount, so the token in the number 0.567 35 273 369 euros.
The third period (from 1 April until 22 April 2018)-5%, and 33 416 876 token-0.5985 euros.
The fourth period (from 23 April to 1 May) without discount, so 190 476 190 tokens to 0.63 euros.

Sales volumes of token: 5 000 000 to 200 000 000 euro Sales Volume during the ICO: 7,936,507 up to 345,414,463 Total emission Volume: 15,873,014 to 677,283,261 geography of sales: all words except for United States Price markers available: EUR 0, 63
The distribution of Tokens: Member Crowdsale 51%
Company Treasurer program 24% 23% 2%
Crypto team European Bank, indeed, all of the employees working for the interests of the company and always ready to help in any case. They are always in touch and don’t forget. Indeed, today, when we discuss the project of ICO, this fact is very important. The European Bank is participating in the Crypto cryptographic possible, blocking the forum, ending a serious contract.

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