European Crypto Bank Private Banking in a New Economy expanding

European Crypto Bank (ECB) built the first bank and trading platforms to provide investment in the market of resources under the ground (Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, Dash, …) based on blockchain
Vision and mission of the project:
ECB Cryptocurrencies Trading and Exchange phase is a safe site to buy/offer digital cash or trade and monetary forms such as u.s. dollars, euros and different resources.
The venture is expected to be able to carry goods Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain to the administration of the majority, by providing one-stop settings are easy to use, suitable for people and organizations, regardless of their level of involvement, having regard to the rules of Tax law in their respective countries and by maintaining a strategic distance from any form of money laundering.
With the implementation of Robot Advisors (AI) and by offering complete research about Currency Crypto, the businesses generate a lot of profit and profit for financial specialists, including preparations for the control of all fledglings in Japanese their own original, (France, United Kingdom, and Italy, moments later Germany, Spain, and Portuguese will take the after).
Create Crypto Bank for Europe market
The trading platform and Exchange in London (United Kingdom)
Centre for research and innovation the ECB will be located in Paris (France)
Global Tax Department will be located in Milan (Italy).
The entrance to market ICO can give us an opportunity to understand the great investment project goal-oriented and versatile.
The assets will be overseen by a team of finance and Compliant, to offer quality, Tax Advisory, the anticipation of Risks with a device HE for Anti-money laundering (AML), KYC, Wealth and Asset Management.
Main service features/projects:
Exchange trading and administration used in the form of digital money and FIAT.
Financial investigation and Suggestion on the Cryptocurrencies by a group of analysts and HE
HE and AML Compliance and Tax Compliances announced: Robots for each records the opening and KYC, used by the ECB can be used and then under permissions are reduced by the Financial Industry and some other Exchange stage.
He was more than that, Human Tax Advisories. Tax Lawyer will advise the team and talk to clients throughout Europe (applying consultation and Juridical Assistance in terms of Tax Litigation).
Advisor Robot ready to understand people and quickly reacts with the best disposition for effective, enthusiastic and make sense, just like a human consultant.
Focus: efforts to end a Bank fully controlled Crypto, during the next four years in Europe, by making the door between cryptographic landlord money and every single conventional source (stocks, bonds, commodities, Real Estate …).
Token: EuropeanCryptoBank
Abbreviation: ECB
Platform: Ethereal
Receive: the Transfer of ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH, etc.,-XRP, BCH, Fiat & bank
1 ECB = 0.41-0.63 euro
Availability Of Tokens Sale:
Start date: 16 February 2018.
End date: 1. May 2018.
Project Team:
The ECB has been designed and created by a team of highly experienced technology experts. Team members collect skills that give them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many companies including the crypto issue of legal, regulatory and compliance.
Oliver Forgues-CEO
Mikael Misard-Head Of Development
Cyprian Kowalczyk-CTO
Sandrine Favre-Head Of Operations
Matthew Clark – head of Digital Marketing and Web design
plus team ECB & Advisor

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