EverID – The World’s Only Device-Free, Globally Accessible, Digital Identity Platform

EverID – Today, many people do not have access to banking, insurance, and other economic services. This is because of a personality check that creates an obstacle. People who do not have any form of identity card cannot access the economy and thus hamper their economic development. Everid solves this problem by developing a decentralized digital identity system that will store and validate user identities, documentation, and biometrics. This makes the identity verification process faster and more cost-effective than the existing process. The decentralized platform will carry out 1-10 billion transactions per month, as well as provide high security and data ownership to users.

About the project
The Everid project is a universal platform for the exchange of identity cards and values, which will be able to offer its users proof of identity and money transfer with low commission (that’s unexpected!). Platformaispolzuet biometric identification and an immutable general ledger that allows for the seamless exchange of values between governments, banks, NGOs, insurance companies, hospitals and other organizations. This reduces fraud and leakage. This makes identity checks more profitable on a larger scale than ever before.

Users receive social and economic benefits from their digital identity. In order to take advantage of the platform, you will not need a device. Inclusive and secure identity means a smooth transfer of value and access to global economic services such as banking, credit, and insurance.

Main advantages
The platform creates a network of digital identification that will lift all of humanity into the global market (and these guys are all well with imagination), providing access to a wide range of services to improve livelihoods and promote economic Development.

The identification network will be an autonomous, unsupported, decentralized network that is not owned, operated forever, and includes the principles of identifying sustainable development goals in their software. This gives people the tools to manage and protect their own identities through a decentralized identity platform and a value transfer solution based on blockchain technology.

How does it work?
Several types of biometric information for each identity are recorded and stored in the identity network. Inheritance identity documents, including national identity cards, driving permits, passports, voter identification cards, etc. are registered, as well as third-party certificates through cryptographic Signatures of these claims.

If a person has no technology, the agent system allows it to be registered through the Everid agent Dapp. Sharing devices (pads) are used to verify, use, and update Everid. Pads Use the Software Development Kit (SDK) to add authentication to devices for banks, public services, health, and much more. The bridge service allows the user to securely access their data and use it on another device that it does not own.

A few words about the token
IDs is a service token that allows you to access the Everid network and the applications and services that are built on it. 800 million issued token platform IDs will be purchased by banks, governments, NGOs, large organizations and users (i.e., money transfer senders) who want to access the Everid network. Agencies provide different levels of access to the platform based on how many tokens they hold, while users will not be required to hold IDs to obtain the value.

To protect our digital identity and show it-to prove everywhere, we can use Everid in the future. It looks solid, I hope I use this kind of project in some area of my life. If you liked the project, then I advise you to browse the technical documentation or visit the official site (all links will be in the description)

Website: https://everid.net
Whitepaper: https://everid.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/ever_id_whitepaper-1.pdf
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4756978.0
Twitter: https://twitter.com/everid
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpPjkvbAdDvgrzTGxTMENfQ/videos
Telegram : https://t.me/EverID

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