Everycoin – The First Bank-Free Blockchain Financial Banking System in the World

Everycoin – Greetings to all! I want this article to continue to acquaint you with the project Everycoin and its platform Aaron platform, I want to tell about one of its very useful function, or rather about a part of the project making it so innovative-tabipay.
Tabipay is a platform for providing free banking services for people who are deprived of this opportunity. Tabipay will be distributed in many countries of the world, it will start its work in 10 countries of South Asia.

It is worth mentioning that Tabipay is a multifunctional thing that is not only a banking service but also a separate bank blockchain with its own nodes which is Consortium BlockChain consisting of many nodes which The project partner. Tabipay BlockChain works by using an algorithm with delegated evidence (DPOS).
Here is an image of the advantages of Tabipay in front of the usual bank:

The advantages of Tabipay are obvious, each person absolutely anywhere in the world can create their own bank account and enjoy it, for this does not even need to go to the bank itself, all you need is to install the app Tabipay app and start using it Paying for purchases in stores, as well as making deposits and conclusions at any time convenient for you, Everycoin it does not even need to have a card, with this application all features will be available.

Another distinguishing feature is that Tabipay is a stable coin that is equivalent to the Thai baht (1:1), and can be exchanged for everycoin, and Everycoin in turn with the help of Aaron exchange or any other world Cryptocurrency exchanges can be exchanged for absolutely any currency, reminding that Everycoin will be traded on the IDAX exchange which is among the top 15 exchanges in the world in terms of trading volume!
You can also order the Tabipay debit card in order to receive cash from your account in any bank convenient for you.

Everycoin In general, the idea is very interesting, because today, in fact, nothing like it is implemented, it is nice to watch the team and the project. I remind that Everycoin conducts ICO, more detailed with its metrics and dates you can see in my previous article! The project fees are quite high which is very rare in such a market, so I will follow the project and its news considering all the everycoin, namely the idea itself, the way of its realization, the strong team and the Community Aaron platform!

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