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Everycoin  – Financial institutions use a centralized accounting method that unites and manages all financial As Information Center. There are many financial deficiencies in the current financial system and faced with structural problems that increase financial management costs. Information security, expensive hardware procurement costs, branch and personnel maintenance costs. The high material expense paid by consumers is used to maximize the benefits of the current.
Financial system. Consequently, it has led to the expansion of the gap between the financially rich and the poor.
Services with a decrease in quality of life.
Aaron Platform redefined Financial services and changed the fiscal paradigm for sure
It is a private and central system with a comprehensive, non-centralized tradition.
The Aaron platform aims to offer a new financial platform for people who are currently financially excluded.
The versatility of the financial system cryptocurrency by combining the real system based electronic money system. This is to create the financial system of a new cryptocurrency safely. The value determination of the cryptocurrency and then overcoming the constraints of the current financing is the currency of the real financial service.
Aaron’s goal is to create an unlimited financial Everycoin  system that everyone in the world can take. The benefits of financial services for free and secondly, to help everyone open and use a new financial account for free, fiat currency, cryptocurrency, and digital currency are easily exchanged. To achieve this goal, the Aaron platform has designed a wide system that combines various factors.
Social connections from all over the world to trade with intelligent consultations and manage their own funds.
Blockchaın Technology
Blockchain technology is a winning structure.
Everycoin  The reliability of data and services by managing data to manage effectively. Blockchain technology can be a way to avoid the problems of central finance. The principle of justice in the system and in financial works. It also stimulates the real economy and provides extended service to the virtual economy.
New financial ecosystems based on blockchain can solve long-lasting problems, such as systemic risk,
Data security, financial exclusion, and fragile competition. However, despite the fact that blockchain and cryptocurrency users are making a lot of effort to create something new, the ecosystem is still in real-life blockchain or
They can’t use Cryptomoney easily. This is because of two main reasons:
1. Transmission speed: Real-time high transfer rate is critical for using cryptocurrencies as a payment tool. However, it is very unfavorable because it takes at least 10 to 30 minutes to use the representative cryptocurrencies.
For payments or transmission between users, Bitcoin and Ethereum.
2. Transmission charges: The transmission fee is $4 for bitcoin and $6 for Ethereum. This can be a big problem to ensure that users are not afraid to use it.
Solution-AARON Blockchaın Technology
The Aaron platform proposes a new financial platform that combines fixed money with liquid value coins.
Everycoin  One way to overcome the discomfort caused by the disadvantage of blockchain speed and height
The variability of the cryptocurrency. Aaron Platform is composed of creative ideas and a combination of various technologies.
Provide a free financial account. The Aaron platform is built with a cryptocurrency system that digitizes real money, global finance and payment systems, and the versatile governance system. The new financial services are implemented.
All users can safely keep all the business notebooks in the Multi blockchain. The multi-block method can balance the variability of the cryptocurrency.
Detail Token : 
Aaron is a smart contract.
Token Name: EYC
Total Token Issuer: 88, 800, 000, 000EYC
TOKEN distribution
Everycoin miners: 40%
Token Sales:% 40
Company: No
Team:% 6
Consultants:% 3
Bounty: 2%

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