EXCALIBUR OS – World’s First OS with Mining Management system

Excaliburos – So, what are we doing here today? Another project on blockchain? Well, yes, but no. Here the word “regular ” is required to take and throw out… Somewhere away. It is easier to replace this word with innovative, extraordinary, stunning! Why am I falling into epithets? Well, because I don’t have to write about the next exchange and its ephemeral advantages today. Today we have a real revolution!

I think you all know what an operating system is. Well, that’s all that makes of a computer, tablet and smartphone is not just a pile of scrap metal and a thing that we all used to use. Daddy there, filling all sorts, and even videos and pictures to look without all this would be difficult.

Have you ever been on your device? So how? Often anti-virus after another update put your miner in quarantine? I think that everyone has encountered this and repeatedly.
So that’s what I’m all about. I present to you excaliburos-operating system on the blockchain. Fast, modern, safe and with the support of mining directly in the kit.

If you do not want to sweat it, do not be lazy and read a couple of paragraphs below your opinion will change, I guarantee!

Excaliburos-not just the OS with the remaining
Well, imagine that all your gadgets move on this OS. You looked there something, they’re called, there something divided, and all the rest of the time your gadget is busy extracting cryptocurrency. At what not so to steam from a processor, and ergonomic and autonomous!

Wait, the author like all the gadgets? Just like that! Excaliburos is a universal OS for PC, Smartphone, tablet! I will tell you more if before you have not run games from the smartphone Apple on the PC, Android application on your iPhone-then here you can forget about everything! Now you have a single environment everywhere with the ability to run any application from any existing OS. Yes, even with the notorious Linux!

Do you know what else is the versatility of this solution? The fact that you do not have to get used to the interface. Excaliburos The developers have made it so that initially the OS can tighten up the interface, which is accustomed to you (if you used all the life of Windows-user, MacOS-please). After that, you can customize everything intuitively by simply dragging the interface elements across the screen.

If you used to use alternative shells for Android, then you will be, where to be razgulat. Everything is customizable, optimized, dragged… No, you don’t? Well, use them, to what used initially!

Let’s talk about viruses and hackers, too. First, it is all blockchain, in whose midst it is very, very difficult to intercept something. and to be exact-it is impossible if you do not allow it, having downloaded the program with any root-kit. Well, viruses will have to adapt to the new environment. And while they will adopt the system of protection Excaliburos will also improve. And she’ll be a step ahead, because of blockchain!

I think that you have outlined the primary picture of all the splendor of Excaliburos. More information can be read on the links at the bottom of our article, and so far we proceed to the way to become the owner of this wonderful software.

ICO and Project Token
What XOS tokensgive, and why it is important to buy them now on the ICO project. First, you will have access to the early release of the platform and the ability to test all the features before the others. Secondly, you will receive regular support from the developers, get the opportunity to test the experimental modules that will further increase the performance of the system.

In general, it is worth it! The price of 1 XOS at any stage of ICO will equal 0.01 USD. At different stages-different bonuses in the direction of reduction. For the latest information, see the project website.

If you have not yet understood the tone of this article I really like Excaliburos. This is really a fresh and necessary idea, which before that even in the concepts I did not meet. And I love originality!

Excaliburos is a time-demanded project. While the rest of the Giants are struggling for market share-we have a real revolutionary component that will only grow with the spread of cryptocurrency. Does anyone doubt that it will be?

Website: https://excaliburos.com
Whitepaper: http://excaliburos.com/whitepaper/Excalibur-OS-whitepaperv1.1.pdf
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Telegram: https://t.me/excaliburico
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Twitter : https://twitter.com/OsExcalibur

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