EyeGLob  – The world of Securiteyglob wants to create an ecosystem that will consist of professional and social networks that will be used for individual eye care for all. Confidential and intellectual contracts will enable the management of contract and health data.

The Eyeglob platform is equipped with a health management tool. This equipment will be in use patients to collect most of the results of their eye health tests and supporting data related to their eyes and just use a smartphone

Users of this ecosystem will be able to generate standard reports which contain specific notes later patients and can send them directly to the clinic periodically. This will save a lot of time spent in the waiting rooms. The tool will contain a map of the patient running the blockchain, where sensitive data can be stored in an encrypted format. In addition, you will be offered data management and sharing options that are managed by smart contracts.

How does Eyeglob work?
Eyeglob ecosystem consists of a wide range of multifunctional and multi-layered platform that has a variety of tools that will get people interested. Eyeglob to everyone and will be the content creators in this ecosystem. Eyeglob everyone will be the content creators in this ecosystem. Content created by each community member can be useful to another user or group. Some of the data in the ecosystem will be decentralized and preserved in the decentralized book Eyeglob Vision.
Eyeglob is a part of the ecosystem that is made for people who have an interest in the world of eye health. This is a digital world that’s composed of various decentralized, large data technology and AI. The aim of this project is to unite all stakeholders and lead to optimization in the field of eye health. Y Tokens

The creators believe that they will have a significant impact on eye health and have a positive impact on millions of people. This ecosystem will focus on the most important needs of every interested party in the world of eye care.

Despite the fact that this system is developed for the eye care industry, this ecosystem can be adapted to various other areas of health management. In fact, this project can change the entire health ecosystem. Many people are aware of their health in the modern era, and this company can make it easier for them to manage their health effectively.

Eyeglob Marketing Strategy
EYEGLOB will soon be promoting this platform through the ophthalmic events as large as WEVC ESCRS, as well as the other. First, on the English-language companies By 2021, they are expected to reach at least a million users. By 2024, it is expected to reach full capacity with at least 4 million users on the platform.

Eyeglob EYE Token ICO.
ICO parameters
Token Ticker: EYE
Platform: Ethereum
Pre-sale Information: July 17, 2018 August 7, 2018
Main sale: September 18, 2018, October 23, 2018
Country: Estonia

Token distribution:
ICO 40%
Team 20%
Special Coins 4%
Pre-sale 16%
Early Bird 20%

Website: https://eyeglob.net
Whitepaper : https://eyeglob.net/EGN%20whitepaper%20v1.03.pdf
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4571479
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Eyeglob-Net-220183495269591
Twitter: https://twitter.com/eyeglobnet
Telegram: https://t.me/eyeglob

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