Faba – We are The Co-Creators of Human Potential

Faba  Hello guys, I dedicate the article today to tell you about the project Faba I go immediately to the point, indicating what are the main features of this fantastic project:
Faba is the first venture capital token with a positive impact on our lives. The decentralized voting system allows shared decisions when projects are selected.
Faba connects the traditional risk capital market economy with the world of cryptocurrency, offering new opportunities.
Faba invests in those projects that have gone through the process of two professional diligence who became a shareholder.
Faba was founded by a group of experienced people, whose interest is to support projects and groups of people with the ambition to influence the world.
The investment horizon is set at 8 years. Faba token holders will be rewarded in the course of the investment based on the dividend strategy of each company. The main goal of Faba is
To become the largest venture capital company that supports revolutionary projects with a positive impact on our environment.
Faba’s Economy Token
In the first round of investment, Faba, along with token holders, aims to support a maximum of 110 projects with the prospect of 11-17 successful projects that will achieve the target rating of 10-30 multiples of the initial investment. Faba will eliminate the error rate through the execution of a complete due diligence process and the implementation of the tranching mechanism bound to the agreed key milestones of the invested project. The interesting thing is that the Faba token from the right to vote. Each holder of at least 2000 tokens, has the right to vote and can say his on the short list projects. 
The team is preparing an interface where it will be possible to submit new proposals for projects and votes. Once the project gets the majority of positive votes from total Faba voters, it is considered as pre-approved for financing. Faba   LTD is authorized to use a maximum of 20% of the voting rights. This mechanism allows you to get feedback from the market and inspiration when making decisions about new investments.
When the successful acquisition of any of the companies in the portfolio is verified, Faba will use 30% of the amount successfully generated by the initial investment to reinvest and 70% of the sum is distributed among the holders of Faba tokens on the basis Proportional. The distribution of funds/dividends will be as follows:
 Gain from investment-initial investment = successful funds
 Funds of success * 0.7 = amount to be distributed on a proportional basis between the holders of Faba tokens
 Funds of success * 0.3 = amount from successful funds to be reinvested in the Faba portfolio
 Initial investment + amount from successful funds to be reinvested in the Faba portfolio = amount that will be used for further investment
With the constant reinvestment of 30% from every success, the Faba team guarantees a growth of the Faba token by increasing the investment capital and the value of the shares in potential start-ups held. 
Faba  I think Faba is a very interesting project and the idea of a venture capital that distributes its earnings in the form of tokens is quite innovative. You can join the ICO from now on by connecting to the prior registration. 

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