Fair Ninja Connect the World’s Individual Classified Marketplaces Into a Single Market

Fair Ninja Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, are now quietly transforming the work of our society for more than 10 years. We speak quietly, because, despite the fact that around the technology was a lot of attention, especially around Bitcoin, the technology still has not reached a critical number of users. However, there is only a relatively small number of online stores that are currently taking cryptocurrency.
Today I’ll share with you a very promising project, Fair Ninja which will allow more sellers to take cryptocurrency.
Fair Ninja -The world’s first multinational platform for online ads that allows users to buy and sell goods and services from anywhere in the world to anyone in the world. Fair Ninja will unite individual classified markets of the world into a single market, making commerce easier than ever. Fair Ninja will become the most complete and flexible market in the world!
The Fair Ninja platform will be the first to offer fully integrated payment options for the cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, as well as our own ERC20-compatible coin yoshicoin. Fair Ninja Smart Contracts offer transparent, reliable, secure and anonymous transactions that will make online commerce available internationally.
Fair Ninja has a number of advantages for both online markets and for individual sellers and buyers. Internet markets and sellers will now have a much wider audience to sell their products and services, while shoppers will have unprecedented access to a huge variety of products. Thanks to the automated translator Fair Ninja, language and communication barriers will be erased, which will create a truly international market. In addition, using smart Fair Ninja contracts, users will be able to conduct business in complete safety, knowing that both products and payments will be delivered.
Fair Ninja aims to become the world’s first trading platform for goods and services without barriers in payment, language or support.
The goal of Fair Ninja is to expand the capabilities of Onlan-classified platforms in each country to attract new international audiences while providing individual customers with a wider range of products and services, as well as an easier way Business.
Fair Ninja will be the first full solution for online announcements, allowing users to make transactions both in the higher Kriptoresursah and in our own ERC-system of yoshicoin coins to ensure the free flow of goods and services and offer Reliable transactions.
Buying and selling on the market, working with cryptocurrency, users will be able to enjoy much faster and more optimized purchases. Transfer of cryptocurrency or purchase of coins Yoshicoin will allow users to make purchases of Fair Ninja without any difficulties. In particular, the use of cryptocurrency as a financial technology standing behind the Fair Ninja, will:
Simplify transactions. Providing more sellers to take crypto funds.
Offer faster transactions: Using a yoshicoin coin, a transaction can be executed at the speed of illumination after confirmation.
Reduction of fraud: the use of smart contracts will significantly reduce the risk of fraud, both sellers, and buyers. Moreover, since the payments in cryptocurrency belong to the Fair Ninja, transactions will become more transparent and less open to fraud.
Increased security: Blockchain technology is considered one of the safest financial transaction technologies. Despite the fact that the technology is not completely protected from hacking, security lock is usually considered difficult to break into. In addition, the technology allows you to make transactions without making fair ninja a direct target of hacking because Fair Ninja does not store any personal or credit card so that users can use this platform.
Stay anonymous and private: The Yoshicoin coin will offer buyers and sellers the opportunity to maintain their anonymity and privacy, ensuring that their identity and transaction history remain hidden from public opinion or even from other Platform users.
Blockchain technology has all the necessary tools, controls and guarantees that will become the basic infrastructure for a reliable and flexible international online platform ads Fair Ninja, which ultimately enhances the value of the platform Both for sellers and buyers.
Token details and ICO-Token sales
Yoshicoin (Ysh) are ERC20-compliant tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain. The total stock is final, and new coins will never be produced. No sold tokens will be burned.
Number of issued tokens: 500 000 000 Ysh
Quantity to sell: 300 000 000 Ysh
Soft Cap: $5 000 000
Hard Cap: $22 400 000
Price Private Sale: $64 USD = 1 Ysh
Price token Sale: $0.08 = 1 Ysh token distribution:
For sale 60%-300 million reserve fund 10%-50 million partners 10%-50 million team 15%-75 million advisors 3%-15 million bounty 2%-10 million

Website: https://www.fairninja.com
Whitepaper: https://www.fairninja.com/whitepapers/fairninja_whitepaper_engl.pdf
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3372626.0
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fairninja
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fairninja
Telegram: https://t.me/fairninjaico
My Profile:
My Ethereum Address:

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