FANCHAIN – Today, many people are interested in different kinds of sports, and each of them hopes that the game he is watching will bring him full satisfaction. It is thanks to this football, hockey, basketball, handball, tennis and other sports chained the attention of fans and mass media. The main feature of the game sports and leagues is the existence of contradictions, which are that between clubs there is a fierce competition for the right of existence and recognition. Competitive form sociability sometimes leads to unpredictable results of the game. This moment plays an important role that gives the game entertainment. On the other hand, the existence of clubs cannot do without close interaction with each other. Since the absence of competitors does not represent a benefit, not to one of the parties. Another characteristic feature that makes sports an attractive area is the high professional qualities of players and coaches. Now I would like to talk about a project that will provide a system that satisfies the interests of all participants in sports activities.

Fanchain is a decentralized sports entertainment ecosystem that is designed to coordinate the interests of fans, athletes, teams, leagues and the media. The project will ensure the stimulation and encouragement of all its participants, which would lead to the growth of the entire ecosystem. For this purpose, the internal currency-tokens Fanz-cryptocurrency for multi-billion sports industry will be applied. The project is funded by NBA Commissioner David Stern, NFL Tight End faithful Davis, basketball coach among men in Syracuse Jim Bojehejmom, All-Star NBA Steve Smith, and others. The Fanchain token from SPORTSCASTR will be available to early entrants through the private sale of tokens from June 30, 2018, to Qryptos. Fans rely on social networks for credible reactions during sporting events, and market research shows that younger supporters prefer to receive comments directly from other fans compared to traditional Broadcasts. The cable market has undergone a massive shift, as digital technology is increasingly relying on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon to watch live sports.

Advantages of the project:
 Fanchain will first be integrated into the SPORTSCASTR platform, allowing users to pay premium subscriptions and access exclusive content. The corporate SDK from Fanchain will allow integrating its technologies with online publications, fantastic sports, social networks, sports teams, leagues, and stadiums.
 Fanchain can act as a bridge between existing sports characteristics that currently do not have the ability to interact with each other.
 Availability of its own currency, which is created specifically for the world sports market. As a result, you will be able to “stamp” metadata that is associated with teams, leagues, or sports events. This allows SPORTSCASTR and other members of the Fanchain ecosystem to reward fans for creating value for their favorite teams and allows brands and organizations to navigate and reward their most passionate fans. Users will be able to redeem their tokens for awards, prizes, and access, including subscriptions to premium channels and content, digital merchandise, and sports memorabilia for the teams and leagues they follow.
 The ability to comment on the comments of fans who will be integrated directly into the sports broadcasts through SPORTSCASTR, opening the doors for incentives and solutions based on cryptocurrency.
 A simple and easy-to-use Fanwallet interface will be provided for each user. The purse will provide an opportunity for each participant to send, as well as receive tokens Fanchain, to convert the token Fanchain in tickets, as well as to keep control of income and expenses in the application.

Token name: Fanz
Standard: Erc20 with erc721 characteristics
Total number of issued tokens: 600 MM Fanz
Number of tokens to sell: 330 MM Fanz

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