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Fanfare – Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin or altcoin, seems like a good tool for sharing around the world. Yes, forget about some real currencies that are only available in some countries. Along with the development of Internet technologies, each transaction can be performed globally using it. Interestingly, not only is it more flexible to buy or buy something, it seems you should use cryptocurrency more sensibly. One of them uses it as an object of trade and investment. So how?

Of course, first of all, you should join the platform of the site cryptocurrency, which allows you to carry out financial transactions such as trade and investment. It is very difficult, especially crimes such as fraud, which are today quite common. At the same time, there are many sites that offer such objects without you, perhaps knowing whether it is legal or not. For this purpose it is recommended to use FANFARE. It is a type of cryptocurrency platform with simple requirements, simple access and lots of great features. This is even more interesting because consultations and discussions are available here to help you become more successful later. Introduction

Our modern lifestyle is now filled with an e-commerce platform that allows you to bring purchases and payments for various services to a whole new level. While conventional platforms provide convenience, a wide range of products and low prices, there are some global problems that need to be addressed. Only the introduction of innovative technologies will cope with the situation, eliminate all shortcomings, the developers of decentralized platform fanfare are the sure-the use of Blokchejnov, as well as smart contracts to open new opportunities for customers. The e-commerce segment will receive the necessary development to protect users from fraud and various problems.

Fortunately, Blockchain offers a paradigm shift in e-commerce through innovation and improved trading quality. But how can you connect a network block to e-commerce? Consideration should be given to how the blockchain company will work in the e-commerce sector.

What is fanfare?
FanFare is a block-based community platform that allows the use of social commerce content via the Instant storage option, depending on the brand. The platform is designed to enable social e-commerce for brands to interact with their potential customers through the interaction of the brand with the integration with potential buyers. In addition, FanFare will allow brands to change the content made by consumers, different videos will be a valuable product for customers.

The Fanfare Global platform is a Singaporean company run by many entrepreneurs, such as successful entrepreneurs, media professionals, lawyers and investors with years of experience and supported Investment companies.

E-commerce Social
This is the name given to media content created by people who want to create content for business or brands. Social e-commerce will work in the following way. Platform users can create any type of video or multimedia that declare a specific product from a company or brand, and its content will be rewarded by the brand marker fanfare ERC-20 (token FAN). This token is obtained as a reward that can be redeemed for a product on the Store Fanfare platform.
Date ICO
From July 17 to September 30, 2018
ICO parameters
 Ticker-FAN
 Type of ERC20
 Receive-ETH
 Price-1 FAN = 0.0001 ETH
 Total stock token fan: 2 billion fan
 Fan token inventory for personal sale: 400 000 000 fan (20% bonus)
 Inventory of the marker fan for sale Pre-ICO: 200 000 000 fan (10% bonus)
 Marker equipment Fan for sale crowd: 200 000 000 fan (5% bonus for Part 1, 0% bonus for Part 2)
 Price token fan: 1 ETH = 10 000 fan

Distribution plan
 IR-45.25%
 Teams and advisors-20%
 Booking-19.50%
 Sales of strategic investors-9.50%
 Economically 2.75%
 Bounty-3%

While almost all of the products or services that we want our online, FanFare takes an extra mile to create a social platform for e-commerce that can provide much-needed competition similar to Amazon and eBay. However, the main challenge with FanFare is not the concept, but the competition with which it faces, with an established platform, and it will require significant changes for brands and consumers to eventually disperse the idea.

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