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FASTINVEST Team Fast Invest are developing platform, combining the P2P investing, e-money purse, and currency exchange. After successfully overcoming the crowdfunding, we will start making additional products for both individuals and legal entities: the extension of the loan, as well as the opportunity to earn premium payment card Invest Invest. The platform Fast Invest will be available as iOS and Android applications.
The funds will be used to advance our current operational products clients, and to advance the platform Fast Invest with new financial instruments for integrating the operations of digital money.

Our team is ready to expand its investment platform of Financial Investigations into Community blockchain in the Ethereal network as technology savvy, contract and trying to support a major cryptocurrencies, including the Ethereal, Bitcoin, and Ripple. FIT ERC20 token-based Wireshark we would be the only way to use Fast account Invest Crypto. As long as you hold a token 1000 FIT, you will have access to all the available crypto products. There is no higher costs and hidden to certain financial transactions, purchase goods or services, Fund or save you money.

FastInvest Business Model
Fast Invest online investment market is in operation which allows its members to invest in consumer-based lending. Today we have a 8500 + daily customers satisfied throughout Europe, along with 50 + employees.

Fast Invest build models of sustainable and measurable investment that does not require the support of traditional banks, and allowing investors infuse his investment portfolio, generating passive income faster and more easily than in conventional credit institutions we offer our clients to invest in loans given with a repayment rate of 8% to 15% annual.

BuyBack and the Default Guarantee
BuyBack guarantee our Platform does not have a secondary market for trading investments. If at any time our clients decide to stop investing, we are obligated to buy back the investments in 1 day.

The Default Guarantee. If at any time the borrower 3 days or more late on their scheduled payments, Default Assurance measures we entered a default Guarantee provided by our business partners (credit institutions), who is obliged to pay any installment is late.

How the Platform works?
Step 1:
The Borrower Receives A Loan. Someone asked a loan to loan the creator. After verification and risk assessment of income, the person accepting the offer of the loan with the terms of the agreement by the borrower and the Lender Institution certificate. For purposes of clarity, it should be noted that the Fast Invest did not lend funds to the borrower.

Step 2:
Servicing The Loan. Certified Credit institution signed a partnership with Fast Invest. After that, the Fast Invest Compliance and Credit risk Departments approve the requirements of lenders, who hold a license issued by the local Central Bank as financial service operators. Creditors can make loans assigned to Invest Invest platforms, where investors can find a variety of loans issued by the creditor in the entire European Union.

Step 3:
Borrowers Make Payments On A Regular … A borrower makes monthly payments with the credit agreement and the payment schedule. It consists of the interest rate and payment amount to the original Creditor. Lenders do a Fast transfer to Invest, and the installment payment is divided proportionately in accordance with the amount invested in these loans for any Investor.

Step 4:
Receive a refund. So borrowers pay off their loans, our customers will begin to receive payment of the amount of principal and interest for the period of the investment. Funds are automatically transferred to your customers Fast Invest them. Users are able to reinvest these funds in loans available or request payment directly into their bank accounts.

Token Fastinvest
Token Invest Quickly is a key asset of the crypto community. To become a member Quickly Invest crypto Premium account, you have to get at least 1000 token Invest Fast. the first 1000 members will get a Special payment card Invest Special Edition. Only members of the crypto account that has access to every product, crypto presented in this white paper. The community has a limited membership …

Tokens For Sale
Fast Fast publish will Invest Invest token (FIT). FIT smart token technology will be implemented in the public etereum the blockade as a token ERC20. To make the contract, we use the framework openZeppelin

As much as 777,000 token will be generated. Of that amount, as much as 50% of the generated token will go to crowdsale participants. Quick to Invest token crowdsale will take place on 4th December 2017 10:00 p.m. London time and will be distributed until 31 January 2018 3:00 night.

For ICO, Fast token Invest will be distributed with a discount structure:
Token bonus 20% until the cap gently reached

The ratio of investment fast token is 1,000 FIT = 1 ETH. Ethereum only accepted as payment method during the ICO does not required a minimum investment. To support the development of our business, an address to send currency Ethereal (ETH) will
appointed. Delivery of FIT of smart contracts will soon occur after ETH accepted. FIT will be traded and exchanged token after the sale ends. We hope FIT can be traded on the stock exchanges in June 2018.

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