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Fiancia in view of management to introduce its business such that some services so that it can attract big investors and traders from the corners of the world. Business promotion and the role marketing can never be ignored in the business world in particular when companies offer services and platform for the global entity in the digital environment in such regions which still must make the basis in professional circles and business. Given that, Fiancia management has planned a contest among traders and investors in its internal structure periodically. These activities will be complemented by social networks and global cohesion entities associated with Fiancia and the same assistance in the development of business initiatives, business prospects and a sense of loyalty and commitment to each other. This contest will also give investors opportunities assessing the competence level of traders who Transact on their behalf and also the strength of social networks will operate under Fiancia. Management Fiancia will also offer other benefits and privileges associated with the contest to the potential entity so that it can improve the environment of competition internally and also to introduce a unique business perspective across the corners of the world.

Details Of The ICO
Fiancia Ltd in general aim to offer coins FIN on the specified date on March 1, 2018, 13:00 GMT. In this case, the company has been targeting only accept as far as 3000 Ether at an early stage by publishing 6 million Tokens. Fiancia target funds amounting to 30,000 Ether for the project. Fiancia in accordance with the commitment and the deal will not accept contributions and when the limit of 30,000 close Ether has been hit Hard. The company has been targeting the distribution of token FIN in terms of percentage as 10% to stage Pre-ICO, 75% related to the sale of 11% for the main founders, advisors and team members who are present therein and in particular to 4% for rewards program which will be discussed under such a process in a comprehensive manner. The company has been targeting 6 million stockpiles token FIN with respect to Pre-ICO.

The value of the token fin will grow based on the following facts:
Based on the acquisition of a large number of participants on our platform, the value of the token FIN will grow to charge Commission on the platform.
The subscription TV channel, paid content, advertising and sponsorship will help grow FIN token value.
List Exchange
Considering the company ICO will also target the introduction of services and its business prospects in the famous forum offers an opportunity for the many entities and cryptocurrency in this case various names such as Bittrex, Hit the BTC, and Binance and others who have a financial volume of each $463 million, $524 million and $162 million will be considered. In addition various other names such as, CEX. IO, BTC China, and Coin Check also attracted the attention of top management in Fiancia Ltd.

Fiancia The funds will be made available by the company because the token sale will be used for a variety of aspects such as the promotion and development of a new product launch platform, by the company and also for the benefit of users who enjoy the FIN and evidence in the case This allocation of resources have been categorized in the following ways:
The company will allocate funds for research and development after going through the initial testing phase and in this case the development team consists of highly experienced and specialized engineers will also be present there, where the various aspects will be dealt with as application development for mobile, testing dates for the operation of HFT, the appropriate platform development and in this resource has been set to the level of 45 percent of the funds obtained from the sale of the token.
The company will also allocate funds around 25 percent of sales for the marketing, promotion tokens business activities, public relations and the representation of the company in various forums either public or private, such as trade fairs and seminars are arranged.
under the supervision of the entity and the crypto world investors.


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