FintruX Network is a Blockchain Based Online Ecosystem Connecting Borrowers

FINTRUX  and creating a decentralized network system which does not change where the data and the viability threshold time waking up is always there. This creates an approach for normal operation to all users on the network and create a profit they navigate in creating credit balances. ICO Fintruxstarts selling the fastest, where all investors, users and the prospect is advised to visit every day. This is to allow users and investors are following the trend of the usefulness of the overall Fintrux to clients around the world.
Fintrux very deep and much more of its value chain of huge provisions for people who took part in the subscriptions and the purchase of tokens. Its a new world of smart contracts and loans. Don’t miss this great opportunity. Fintrux decentralized

FintruX is the online market world’s first blockchain-based and automated administration for financing the platform connecting borrowers and investors, allowing them to configure and automatically create any contract of the borrower in real-time.

Traditional automation is one system for all loan/mortgage/rent (the “financing”), distributed P2P finance platforms this is one program (“contract”) for each financing and produced and used in real-time in the blockchain technology that can be configured through the Setup. interface.

Our aim is to disturb the way of Financing is derived and maintained. This paper gives an overview of our approach.
Borrowers are funded within a few hours. Installments are paid within a few minutes of activity reports in a matter of seconds.

The problem:
Most of the financing comes from third parties such as brokers and other intermediaries. This adds to the cost, time and complexity of the process. Furthermore the administrative process is usually labor intensive. Most of the Financing contract is elusive and special instructions such as trade-up, buyouts, refinance, prepaid, final processing, and others mostly done manually on spreadsheets.

Most of the systems used by investors not fully automatic, records can be modified, censored, the patriot act and subject to the country of domicile. Industry Funding has not yet been adopted or apply new technology to meet the demand for new products and increased concerns about data privacy, increased competition and changes in consumer behavior to encourage them in this direction.
The financing process to manage risk, premiums and claims typically involve a significant exchange of data among many parties. Currently, various parties will keep a copy of their own data, and process it separately. This makes it difficult to synchronize and collaborate through the process together.

Online financing portal that tries to pass through intermediaries have failed to solve the problem above.
Benefit for borrowers:
Access to Affordable Credit.
Borrowing Experience Superior.
Transparency and fairness.
Lower Transaction Costs.
Fast and efficient funding.
interesting contract

Benefits to investors:
Market FintruX are reserved for the participants of industry financing and its main benefits for our users
the ability to search and match various needs as borrowers or investors. Borrowers are small businesses (SMEs). Get the loans or leases to finance the needs of the organization.
Private borrowers. Get the loans or leases to finance the needs of personal use.
Private investors. Pinjamkan to individuals or SMES to take advantage of direct investment.
Institutional investors. Pinjamkan to individuals or SMES based on interest and portfolio risk profile.
Brokers provide tailormade Advisory and other services.
To do certain things such as logging request financing, KYC process Know-Your-Customer will be in place.

FTX token is used to provide power on a platform of FintruX and serves as a means to reward or gain rewards for participating in the market. Each activity on the platform have related costs specified in FTX. Along with the activities carried out on the platform, the FTX was transferred from one participant to the other participants. As a result of the implementation of these activities, the platform will be rewarded a fee.

FTX Crowdsale:
FTX will be issued for our crowdsale. Once completed, no further tokens to be generated. The sale will take place three weeks from 8 November to 29th of the same month.
A maximum of 100 million token to be generated, from the FTX 25 million such token will be stored as a backup.
A maximum of 75 million will be for sale during the FTX crowdsale, the rest of the token is left will be burned

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