flyCARE Medical, Wellness and Personal Care Accessible to Everyone

FlyCARE – development of technology is very fast, that no one manages to keep track of this. So, blockchain for today is implemented absolutely in any sphere, thus improving it. How can the sphere of medicine be improved by this system and blockchain technology? And it is very simple to take care of such a wonderful project, which is called Flycare. Now I will tell you about it, namely, the conversation will be about what this project would be useful to us and what it will represent.

About the project:
FlyCare – In its essence this project realizes the platform of accessible medical services. These services are planned by the authors will be connected with the block network and all transactions will also be carried out with the help of decentralized system and blockchain technology. In this way, the project is the founder of personal health care, which will be available when you really need it. At the same time, all services will be provided at home, which is a very convenient moment, which distinguishes this project to others.

I would like to consider the system of this project.
And now we’re going to do it. The structure consists of several components. Now I will write to them, that you would understand the principle of the project.

1. FlyBox – This section deals with the provision of a special module that allows you to move the necessary equipment to where you need it.

2. Mobile application Flycare-it is necessary to provide communication between users and service providers. Simply put through it you will be able to order a particular service and choose the specialist that you need.

3. Payment by the internal token. The project has its own token, which organizes the entire financial system of the project. That is, simply put you pay for all services with one single coin that runs on the platform and is called the FCC.

The very principle of the project is very simple and reliable. For example, you need to order a medical service at home. You visit the application and look for the specialist you need. Then conclude by means of the contract smart contract and further this provider of this or that service goes to your house at the same time using a special mobile station, which allows you to move with you the same necessary equipment to provide Service.

Now I would like to indicate the main advantages of the project in relation to the competitors.
1. Reliable system of payments by means of internal token which is maximally accurate and safe. That allows you to protect yourself from scams.
2. All services are checked for the possibility of their execution, which is the most reliable and accurate system and gives a full guarantee of the performance of this or that service.
3. Through the use of technology such as smart contracts users will be able to be one hundred percent sure that no one will cheat and they will get what they need.
4. The project has direct cooperation with the developers of medical equipment, which gives the opportunity to implement exactly what is needed on this platform.

Now I would like to tell about the ICO of this project.
The token will be called: FCC.
It is planned to release: 200 000 000 of the FCC tokens.
The sales will be held from May 14, 2018, to July 14, 2018.
Price per unit of the FCC token: 1 FCC = 0.2 euro.
Minimum sales target: 1 000 000 euros.
Maximum target: 26 000 000 euro.
Also, during the sale is provided a bonus depending on the stage.

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