flyCARE Provides Care Professionals With Access to flybox Hardware Without Any Initial investment

flyCARE – Medicine does not stand still, new medications are invented, treatments are improved, and the medical process is not neglected. But still, the problem of “remote” treatment is still relevant because it is not always possible to visit a doctor.
In response to these problems, Flycare has developed its mobile application for Blochain to create the conditions for patient care at home. Flycare is designed to unite patients, clinics, hospitals, as well as industrial production from the pharmaceutical and medical industry into a single network.
Flycare is an officially registered company in Belgium, and the financing of the ICO is carried out with the approval of Belfius, the highest financial institution in Belgium.
Flycare is a project necessary for people who need to take care of themselves at home for various reasons. Among these personal care services, there are many services such as a physiotherapist, a hairdresser.
There are a total of 150000 lying patients in Turkey. These people, who are bedridden in their homes, need the care of their relatives. Not only in Turkey, but also in other countries of the world there are a large number of people in need of personal care services but do not have a reliable platform that will organize it.
Flycare develops a platform for personal hygiene and medical services to be provided at home.
Thanks to the mobile application, each patient will be in touch with the selected doctor in real time. This is very important for patients at home. In addition, Flycare applications can be connected to the medical equipment for receiving and managing data. The company has signed a contract for joint development of medical equipment together with industrial giants to improve communication between physicians and their patients. This is a revolutionary combination of honey. Equipment (FlyBOX) and mobile devices that allow to carry out quality care at home.
The FlyBOX application was developed with the help of medical specialists in different directions.
Two years of research and development have allowed Flycare to create the perfect FlyBOX module for home observation, easy to use and easy to carry. Cooperation with NWT Germany allowed Flycare to gain experience of working with a company that has been working in a cosmetic and medical industry for more than 20 years.
FlyBOX not only has permission to use medical equipment but also has a database of necessary medications, from which the doctor can recommend to his patient for admission.
Flycare, by establishing partnerships with industrial companies, will provide continuous basic and additional training through practical exercises to be organized by its partners. The partnership of Flycare specialists and manufacturers contributes to the development of research and development of new drugs.
Obtaining the profession of a medical worker is often costly, requiring a substantial financial basis for acquiring the necessary materials for doing business without guaranteeing immediate financial returns. The question of real estate is also an important point in this direction. To conduct business, you will need to pay rent. Flycare simplifies the acquisition of medical education for its partners and also provides access to the purchase of FlyBOX equipment.
Token information:
The Flycare team issued its FCC token for internal monetary circulation. What will he give? Because the token is built using the ERC20 protocol, the Smart contract feature will be available. The integrity of transactions is ensured by registering them in the unauthorized access registry, which is used by all users with their constant traceability.
Price level-1 FCC = 0.2 EUR
Total inventory-200 000 000
Hard Cap-US $26 million
Soft capsule-1 million US dollars
For sale ICO-65%
Reserve Fund-25%
Teams and advisers-10%
Token Predprodavka-May 14-June 10, 2018
The pre-sale marking process is an exclusive sale for the first participant. The maximum number of tokens available for sale during pre-sale processing is 32 500 000 (25% of sold tokens). To enable the sale of tokens, a premium will be offered to the first contributor who will participate in this stage. Participants participating in the pre-sale process will receive a 20% discount during the Week 1 and 2 weeks and 15% for Week 3 and Week 4.
Now the company Flycare passes through this ICO to raise funds for the implementation of its project. Now, at the pre-sale stage of the FCC tokens, you can buy at a price of 0.2 dollars per coin.
To summarize. I think the Flycare team solved the problem. After all, the health field is one of the most important. The implementation of the idea will give, first of all, the possibility of home care for patients who are bedridden or who do not have the opportunity to go outside. It will also make life easier for people who are very busy at work and do not have a good track of their health.

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