FORESTING – Next Generation Social Media

Foresting – It is obvious that our existing social service providers are becoming unprofitable for users, especially with regard to their evaluation and content. The lack of emphasis on estimating the distribution of content on these platforms leads to an increase in the alternatives that can be able to meet these challenges.

Foresting ICO is an example of how blockchain technology can be an alternative to ensuring effective value sharing for content creators on social networking platforms. This is how he plans to deploy the opportunity for economic activity with a single click of the “I Like” button.

Foresting Network.
The Foresting network will be available to any person without the need for prior knowledge of cryptocurrency or blocking. The new concept involves creating a network platform that allows users to realize the value of content creation. The Foresting network is designed to provide remuneration for content creation and revenue distribution systems for vendors. All content types have the right to remuneration, consumption, and support in the content system.

Foresting hopes to introduce a new ecosystem consisting of forest representatives (community members) working on networking, connectivity, and communication concepts. The ecosystem also includes the following functions:

Foresting platform.
Part of Foresting works as a block-net for social networks that operates within a decentralized system of fair value distribution.
Best Bank.
The core of the Foresting network is the provision of financial services to support content rewards. This will be available through the establishment of digital finance, Foresting Bank.
Foresting Laboratory.
In addition to supporting foresting activities, there is community support and marketing activities for content creators.
User interface.
The goal of Foresting is to provide users with a convenient and convenient service that is intuitive and not problematic conceptual service
Simplified coin exchange.
Foresting also allows users to increase the value of their content by providing them with a secure conversion platform to receive money in return.
Content support.
When using blockchain, afforestation provides users with the best technology to download or download different content components in a seamless way
Optimize your device.
Foresting ecosystems are diverse enough to integrate people’s lifestyles and this will allow them to influence content at any time using any device.

Security and privacy.
A critical aspect of a blockchain technology is the decentralized nature of the system.. This feature provides better protection and privacy for users because there is no single object that controls the operation.

Foresting Token ICO:
The Pton tokenworks as the determinant of value for rewarding participants who contribute their content to foresting. The token does not mean that it works like other kryptons available through mining. The Pton marker will be available according to the level of participants ‘ contribution. It is expected that part of it will also be used so that users can use the foresting application.
ICO Parameters:
 Private Sale: April 2018 to May 2018
 Public Sale: From July 2018 to August 2018
 ICO: August 2018 to September 2018
 Token name: Pton
 Blockchain: Ethereum
 Model: ERC20
 Token feed: 24 000 000 000 tokens
 Available for sale: 9 600 000 000 Pton (40%)
Token distribution:
 Sale of tokens 40%
 Team and founders 25%
 Advisers and marketing 10%
 Partners 10%
 10% reward
 Reserve 5%

ICO Planning
The Pton token will be released in a total of 24 000 000 000 (24 billion) tokens with ERC-20, with 40% of the total set of tokens for sale. ICO members can get a swap through the foresting currency purse after starting mainnet foresting.
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