Friendly Mining in Unused Buildings in the Swiss alps

SWISS ALPS MINING  I have always carried you together with any information on good projects related to cryptography, through my blog. Cryptocurrency mining, or crypto mining, is a process in which transactions for different forms of fastening are checked and added to a digital block unit.
Also known as the fastening of the mining, mountain extraction of Altcoin or extraction (for the most popular form of fastening, bìtkojn), the fastening of the mining has increased both by type and activity since the use of The Cryptoalyta grew exponentially in the past few Years.

Every time a secure transaction is performed, the securing of the miner is responsible for ensuring the reliability of the information and the crypto mining update of the Transaction.
The process of extraction is related to the competition with another crypto for solving complex mathematical problems with cryptographic hash functions, which are connected with the block containing the transaction Data.

The First-time-off miner to break the code is rewarded by the fact that it can allow a transaction, and in exchange for the provided service of the cryptologists to earn a small amount of Cryptozhta.
however, in order to be competitive with another crypto, Minister Kryptovalta need a computer with specialized Equipment.

While the fastening can generate a small profit for the player crypto, in most cases only a dollar or two per day for a person using their own specialized computer Equipment.
expenses, such as electricity, Internet connection, and computing, also affect the net income generated by the fortified-alluvial prey.

In order to start mining, miners Kryptovyta need specialized computer equipment with a special chip graphics processor (GPU) or a specialized integrated scheme (ASIC), sufficient cooling equipment for Constant Internet connection, a legitimate software package for fastening, as well as membership in the online exchange of crypto, as well as in the online pool of mines

The eager-to-fasteners should also be aware that, as the fastening has been raised both by popularity and cost, the competition has also significantly increased and now includes organizations and businesses with larger resources than most people Can Compete.

Swiss Alps Energy AG is a distributed supplier of energy resources based on the book and the operator of flexible modular mining infrastructures intended for long-term stationary use. thus, the SAE retains the aforementioned unused buildings in the Swiss Alps and uses them intelligently and without the interference of the building structure or Environment.

We connect the world of blocks with the Swiss Mountains. We offer environmentally friendly mining industry in unused buildings in the Swiss alps, lowering power consumption up to 50% thanks to the natural climatic conditions and system of energy recovery ORC.

The community blockchain around the world faces a strong oncoming wind due to a very energy-intensive process of mining and business applications based on the ROADBLOCKS.
At the same time in the Swiss Alps, thousands of unused structures are disintegrating because in today’s law on spatial planning is not allowed housing use of these buildings.

Swiss Alps Mining & Energy seeks to provide environmentally friendly coal-mining currency production in the Swiss Alps. Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE)-valid Swiss Alps Mining & Energy.

SAE is a Swiss startup company in the area of the power and energy sector located in khuenenberg, canton of Zug.
SAE plans to start operation of the fastening trusses in the Swiss Alps in 2018-a groundbreaking project. These farms are located in buildings that are no longer used by local Farmers.
SAE at the same time will operate a small hydroelectric power plant for the production of electricity required for fastening.

Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE)-valid Swiss Alps Mining & Energy. The team members come from areas such as the blockchain technology, developers and application specialists Cryptoyalta and hyperlinks, as well as engineering builders, infrastructure developers, and Energy Experts.
The team has successfully developed and launched several products, solutions, and applications based on the technology Blockchain.
currently, The company is undergoing a stage of application to become a member of the Swiss self-regulatory organization (sros).

Intelligent contracts on the Block-chain ethereum.
Symbols Token-SAM
Price-1 SAM = 0.5000 USD
Currencies accepted-ETH, BTC, Fiat
Soft Cap-5 000 000 USD
Hard Cap-100 000 000 USD
Collected now-$6,020,000
White LIST/KYC-KYC & Whitelist

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