FST Smart Token runs through and supports the entire FST Network.

FST Network  – What is the FST network? The world’s first ecosystem, which creates service modules with thinking in industrial engineering, supporting companies to quickly and steadily build application applications and services without the need for blockchain developers.
Businesses can quickly assemble modules to create strong blockchain applications.
Through the unique chain optimization protocols (Relay Network), Blockchain’s applications can work better with accelerated auditing, increasing hundreds of times in transaction performance.
Businesses do not need engineers from blockchain to create applications. By assembling different unique business models with simple logic such as playing Legos and replacing the modules can significantly reduce the difficult blockchain development costs.
The FST network solves problems with development iteriâta with reliable and flexible modules, allowing companies to change the modules at any time.
The FST network focuses on the technical implementation of the chain, which is compatible with all other solutions outside the network.
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Module blocks
The biggest feature of the FST Network is the inductive deconstruction of the complex technology blockchain of various and secure modules, just like the Blockchain factory, which significantly reduces the technical know-how and development costs.
At the same time, the modular block scheme emphasizes that it provides businesses with high flexibility, scalability, and variety, making it easy to create multiple applications and end users can enjoy better applications and services.
With 3 unique protocols and 2 basic standards enterprises can quickly achieve  “Tokenizaciâ “, “Development of Dapp “, “Data exchange ” And even “cross chain ” through mounting modules.
The FST network enables businesses to focus on business models and enable blockchain applications with secure and robust technical support.
Layer 3 Blocks
 “If blockchain is a technology that everyone needs, the FST network will cause everyone to jump over a new era on the Internet.”
To enable people to use blockchain technology without common contacts with difficult and incomprehensible basic technologies, the market needs an intermediate layer as a bridge that connects the business applications with the appropriate layer of technology, By allowing anyone involved in the blockchain ecosystem not to feel the presence of blockchain, but you can enjoy the benefits of blockchain.
The FST network builds the architecture of Layer 3 on various protocols, complementing the basic layer of technology using modules. Regardless of the basic protocol of the chain is Ethereum, EOS or RSK, or side and fast track services to technology Layer 2, the FST Network is compatible with different protocols, supports diverse business needs, accelerates the application of technology blockchain and in Eventually, it achieves a new era of evolution.
In the past, the creation of a tandem locking system with enterprises must be customized, which puts the huge barriers to adopting the blockchain technology.
In addition, businesses are currently limited by basic technology and cannot partially update and maintain applications when changing the basic Intelligent Contract and protocol.
Module Factory
FST engines in Module Factory incorporate intelligent network contracts and technology from the off-grid to produce repeatedly reproducible modules that help businesses accept low-cost blockchain and high flexibility. FST Network  Businesses can easily create a variety of applications with modules, and end users can enjoy more stable, secure and more efficient applications and services.
The module factory will continue to generate more standardized or customized modules in line with market developments to meet larger business needs. The module creates intelligent contracts with intelligent contracts, avoiding the risk
Modular architecture
FST Network  simplifies complex services in the smallest elements (for example, individual smart contracts) with Modularizaciâ. These elements can work independently, as well as to connect freely with the infrastructure of large systems to form a modular package. Due to the independence of modules, the modular package can be easily shaped, dismantled and improved, eventually builds modular maintenance kits for complex business models, just like the installation of Lego pieces.

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