FTEC Ecosystem of Intelligent Services and Neural Networks

FTEC project queue-this new ecosystem intelligent services and neural networks. The goal of this system is to conduct effective trading activity on crypto markets, which is now a highly topical issue for many. The relevance of this caused great interest foremost investors in world currency and interest to crypto that continues to grow with each passing day, attracting high yield market participants, which you can get in this new field.

However, as we all know, for successful work in the market Forex and achieve the secure the highest yields need to be well versed in all the necessary information to be able to competently analyze trends, keep abreast of news, etc. all this is quite challenging and independently handle a large flow of information and be able to analyse it-sometimes not.

In such cases, a significant role must play the automated intellectual processes. Therefore, the FTEC project, in my opinion, has a good future. Will talk about it more. The Foundation of the project is to assist beginners to FTEC. Agree, world currency rapidly entered the crypto our lives and we all practically proved it by beginners. FTEC contains all necessary complex of tools that should help any beginning trader to better focus on the market and start to work on it.

The ecosystem consists of a large number of solutions, which allow coping with various tasks:-intelligent trading systems allow you to make the trader more effective;
-With the ability to filter the flow of information, you can significantly save own time;
-Wide archive of knowledge, as well as a private crypto, allows beginners to understand with all the features of this segment;
-You can create the optimal strategies for trade, based on statistical models and analysis of your activity;
-Minimization of risks at work, you will be able to choose only the best deals, automatic Assistant lets you avoid unpleasant situations;
-Only modern trends and continuous development, traders will keep abreast of all innovations crypto segment.

What exactly is FTEC project can offer its customers?
Here it is necessary to tell about the main characteristics of this project, which will be useful to users:-intelligent systems using precise algorithms to perform various manipulations with tokens;
-Social Assistant-a trader has the ability to specify certain parameters to filter the information, the software module will select and send only important data;
-Behavioral analysis-through a special algorithm, the system gets the opportunity to analyze the activity of the trader to view its deal to avoid improper trades, reduce errors;
-Search for anomalous Dynamics-traders can react promptly to drastic changes on the stock exchanges;
– Crypto academic-you doesn’t have to spend their own funds, initially risking large sums to know features of the crypto market. Special Academy offers an incredibly effective theoretical base, gives traders the opportunity to undertake training deals to pick up a really optimal trading strategy for the future;
-Trading advice-ability to monetize any your dream proposal are predictions from people who have earned a positive reputation in this regard;
-The possibility of operational links with other traders, you can do this using telegrams-Assistant; -Dekstopnoe, as well as mobile application-an excellent opportunity to make full use of the functionality of the ecosystem, using mobile devices or PCs.

Selling tokens

The Token Is FTEC
Pré-Salé-24 April-July 18, 2018
Token-sale-June 20-July 24, 2018
The price of a token is 1 ETH = 39 960 FTEC (25%) discount
The minimum amount of fees — 2 000 ETH
The maximum amount of fees — 26 500 ETH
Created tokens — FTEC 998 400 000 (all sold tokens to be burned)

Distribution of tokens:
15%-team, advisers, airdrop, bounty (command tokens will be frozen for a year)

Using tokens FTEC Token (created on blockchain Ethtereum) can be bought at all stages of the sale. It will be used within the ecosystem as a payment unit. But besides this, developers will motivate users to keep tokens. How? Large ESTs FTEC tokens will be entitled to priority purchase or sale within the platform. And those who will have the highest number of tokens will be able to influence the development of the platform. They will have the opportunity to vote “for” or “against” any changes proposed by the developers.

Website: https://ftec.io/en
Whitepaper : https://ftec.io/en/whitepaper
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3161171.0
Telegram : https://t.me/FTECofficial
Twitter : https://twitter.com/ftec_found
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ftec.io

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