Gigzi – Borderless Financial System Of The Future

Gigzi – The crypto world today is going through not easy times. After the surge of 2017, the year 2018 is marked by the outflow of capital and the fading mood of crypto enthusiasts. One of the brightest reasons is a number of problems, legal, technical and even world vision. But today we will talk about the problems of the transition of financial systems from banking to systems based on the technology blockchain. One of the brightest projects dealing with this direction is Gigzi. about how they see the problem and the ways to solve it, and what we are doing today and talk in our review.

What problems today are in the field of communication banks and blockchain.
 The youth of the market. This problem is that the social blockchain industry is not yet sufficiently developed. There are a lot of rumors about Vorkug. And people tend to protect themselves from everything new. This may not be so much an obvious factor, but it is substantial on a global scale;
 The fineness of the market. This means that the entrance to the crit currency, as well as its output, is difficult due to the small money supply. For example, if a person wants to buy bitcoins for a million dollars, he will not be able to do it even in one day without having to purchase expensive orders in glasses. You have to resort to direct exchange from hand to hand, and it is no longer safe. And in general, all that is connected with blockchain, but going beyond its physical limits is not safe;
 Technological youth. These are all technical problems of the blockchain. And the speed of transactions, and scalability and consensus. If we talk about them in detail, it would be better to devote a separate topic to this. Such problems are solved partly due to the technical team of the project. Some are not solved in principle at all.

We have combined all the problems in general directions. Now it is enough to understand that in the direction of growth of user demand cryptocurrency should pay attention to these three moments. Social part, financial and technological.

Gigzi is a financial system based on blockchain technology. It provides the same user processes as a regular bank. Only as a means of calculation are cryptocurrency. Today the system has already started to function, you can try it yourself and get many benefits that will be useful in the future. For example, tokens.

The accent in Platform is made on safe storage. So that the user is not looking for other places where he can store cryptocurrency. Gigzi To this end, Gigzi has entered into a partnership with IriTech, which is known on the market as an unconditional guarantor of financial systems. Takaya safety, in particular, is achieved by the identification of the user on the retina of the eye.

The next know-how is the reinforcement of platform coins with precious metals, platinum (GZP), Gold (GZG) and silver (GZS). 1 gram 1 coin gigzi. Accordingly, the main coins on the platform will be coins of three types, corresponding to metals. Coins can be exchanged for a piece of precious metal at any time. Come and pick it up, or order by mail.

The Gigzi infrastructure has three elements:
 Purse. For registration of which the special device scanning a retina of an eye is necessary;
 Exchange. It is a stock exchange, which is a trading toolkit combined with the means of paper storage. The system can be embedded in the interface of other organizations by API. For example, banks that decided to make friends with blockchain;
 Treasury. It is a complex of organizations providing storage of valuable metals. In essence, Gigzi complements the technology blockchain tools used by banks. Which give money real liquidity.

The Australian Mint is already taking part in the project. Which supplies precious metals for the New York, London, Dubai, Shanghai and Tokkis commodity exchanges. It’s incredible!

Gigzi For that, it is necessary to pay attention to the project Gigzi. First, providing cryptocurrency with real assets in the form of valuable metals. This idea has long been in the air and is beginning to be realized. Second, it is a partnership with the Australian Mint, supplying metals to the world’s largest stock exchanges. Crowdsale will begin in two weeks on this page since the article was published. It is expected to be fast. It is interesting to watch and participate!

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