GLOBAL RISK EXCHANGE (GRE) High Sales Channel Cost and Low Cash Efficiency

GREalso was known as Global Risk Exchange is blockchain-exchange risks. Now let me explain. The purpose of this is to help start-up companies. They will hedge and transfer your risk. The framework uses the innovative idea of direct withdrawal risks on the market as a way to help start-up companies see the light.

Future start-up companies are always in a miasma of possible risks, so here’s a GRE helps solve this issue. It just helps companies manage their insurance risks of the company and its products. This will help companies more confidently and fearlessly to face the future.
The sector, which is engaged in Global Risk Exchange is great. Already in the year, 2027 total capitalization of gross transactions topped 4 billion dollars mark in, and now the trend is to increase this figure. GRE project using technology blockchain wants to promote risk sector to a new level, by the fact that the risk can be transmitted in one second.

What issues it solves project:
Currently, the risk management section is characterized by a multitude of problems that only make it make it part of any project. Here the above section has undergone two big hurdles:
Firstly, there is a very high point of entry, i.e., to enter this section is very difficult.
Secondly: high channel costs. Resellers who already have this sector too high a charge card with newbies. That makes hedging too complicated and costly process.

Still, there is a problem of the similarity of the products, particularly in the area of design solutions. Yes, added some new “buns”, because the designers have different brain “sees” differently, but all the same, you can see many similarities. This again poses risks. However, risk management products, which in turn offer new approaches, as a rule, are not particularly warm.

There is also another issue requiring attention. This issue is the confidentiality of user data. Just on a normal insurance market, the client must provide the insurance agent maximum personal data (or almost maximum, much shorter). And seemingly, everything is fine. But not quite. Data are overwritten documents are stored on a central server, which can be vulnerable to hacker attack, followed by burglary and identity theft.

Another problem is opacity of OTC derivating market. In short, the opacity in the calculation of the cost of insurance, which will eventually result in a large amount of money.
The last problem is the length and tedium of the insurance process. More precisely, it is approved. Insurance claim made by the consumer can take anywhere from a week to a month. Maybe even more. This time will be spent on data processing. This is because most insurance companies, NN optimized data verification and validation processes. In addition, bank money transfers are slow.

The solution to the problems of the project:

Draft Global Risk Exchange intends to revolutionize the sector risk management (or in other words-insurance), offering their services, which he led to optimizing, speed, simplicity, and personalization. Decentralization will not only improve safety and efficiency but also give some other pros. Through the platform of GRE sellers and buyers of risks (in short, it is possible to tell clients and insurers) will be able to communicate quickly and without a third party. This increases security and monetary costs will become more moderate.

In addition to the above, Global Risk Exchange will auditor contracts for a wider audience. Also, there would be no question of loss of data, or transfer them to third parties (hacking). This will be possible through the use of blockchain technology, which is currently one of the safest and fastest.

Character token: RISK
Price: ETH 1 token = 100.000 RISK
Emic: 10 billion RISK
Softkapa: 2 thousands of ETH
Hardkapa: 20 thousand ETH
Starts: 20.05.2018
End: 20.06.2018.


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