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GLOBCOINis the unit of currency that tracks the ship’s 15 largest global currencies and gold. It follows an intuitive approach Parity is a growing world economic development world. These characteristics allow GLOBCOIN to act as a global store, which effectively create a “reserve currency”, the first in the world. Mandatory cart portfolio to take advantage of the market’s trend towards a multipolar and globalized world with it anyway by using each country’S GDP are adjusted to Purchasing Power Parity. So with the words easy GLOBCOIN global coins will be the first

Already since June 2016 Multi Currency savings account GLOBCOIN Prepaid MasterCard ® and the MasterCard GLOBCOIN offered to clients in the area of SEPA (Western Europe). This platform can be accessed online or over the applications, offers a combination of eye and multi payment savings. GLOBCOIN ® makes life easier, cheaper and gives you full control in terms of the management of the foreign currency exposure. You can load your account via bank transfer or credit/debit card in a currency of your choice, change of currency in the interbank interest rates, spending and pulling money out of the country. No Commission and no hidden fees! And what is good for us, the consumer-GLOBCOIN card is free of charge and without obligation. This card will be suitable for You if you travel often, or use multiple currencies and want to get the best exchange rates, or you can use the card as a local card in Euro area, United Kingdom, United States, Switzerland, Canada and Poland. You can apply for a card, or download the APP-
You may ask why we need the coins such as the Globcoin, but you will get a reply-we all live in a global world. Where previously the 1 cup of coffee that come from different lands and the respective ground to receive payout was the currency of its own. With the continuing efficient against centralized global banking system, people feel the same now confident with their own currencies, because they are losing confidence in their national currency and therefore the function of “deposits”. Clear evidence now indicates “Global currency” is needed as a means of Exchange, as a unit of account and as a storage device.

Today I will immediately make sense of original Switzerland other company-Globcoin. This group had started 20 years ago in the year 1998 in Geneva, Switzerland.
Currently Globcoin is a base in Switzerland and the United Kingdom and are intended for the market of Crypto by applying new digital coin-GLX, associated with a group of fiat currency of 15 countries, the world’s largest Gold and 5%. It’s worth turning the world economy including the components and the new trends as the economies of developing countries such as China or India, while maintaining a good balance of currency of Western economies.

OK, now it is finally the most interesting thing about the token, ICO, softcaps, hardcaps. Pre-sale preparation early 2018, 08/Jan/2018 and will run for four days until 12/Jan/2018. The bonus will be valid during the pre-sale. So if you are planning to invest, You weigh you to sign 08/Jan/2018 on your calendar, and remember, the Cap for pre-sale 30,000 limit ET 13/Jan/2018 will start the main event of the ICO and would run until 31/Jan/2018 base price will be 100 GCP for 1 ETH (currently ~ $3.66 to 1 GCP (1ETH = 366 USD) is 10,000 SoftCap ETH, otherwise you may be able to refund 150.00 HardCap ETH total will be 41 900,000, everything will be divided accordingly

Important-AML/KYC procedure will apply, so ready to share some information with a certain level of Globcoin. (KYC-Know your customer, AML-anti money laundering)
Resume: project overview Perspective, because the idea is interesting, been working card and a very experienced team. If you get some free funds, Globcoin might be a good investment.

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