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Globitexis the exchange of Bitcoin institutional class, with the FIX API connectivity fully functional, which offers direct market access to algorithmic traders. Launched in the summer of 2017 as prototype work, being tested in Beta mode is limited and is expected to start operating open earlier in the year 2018.

The development of new
products and services to support commodities and new money, and to improve the user experience, the following modules must be added to the system:
the system REPOTON (REPO Repurchase Agreement)

  • Futures instruments trading module
  • Choice of instruments the instrument module
  • The swap instrument trading module
  • Risk control module to control the margin leverage position
  • The system of clearing and settlement of futures, options, swaps and physically settled instruments
  • Derivative instruments are liquidity services cross-linkable
  • Iceberg and hidden commands
  • A dark pool of trade services
  • Responsive web platform for mobile devices
  • The FAST Protocol (FIX Adapted for STreaming) for streaming prices low latency
  • Integration with payment systems euro SEPA

Platform Globitex will set the REPO loan facility as a peer-to-peer. This system will support the option to make a loan guarantee collateral for clients. Real-time risk control
module will allow clients to withdraw some of its loan funding not exceeding the prescribed haircut.

The introduction of Futures trade module, Swap and Options require the implementation of specific processing logic in the control module and the risk of clearing and settlement Systems, which include:

  • The position of the opening and closing of the contract,
  • The calculation of the initial margin and maintenance,
  • The mechanism for the processing of a margin call and liquidation of positions in case of violation of margin requirements

Special execution for the instrument Options will also be implemented.

For some cash-futures instruments are completed, the price index is calculated based on the settlement price and settlement process can be done automatically. As for products shipped physically have different processing requirements in the system involving the supply of shares who hold a Commission in your account processing clients, management of inventory items,
processing replenishment inventory and redemption.

To support large volume traders in parallel with public order book markets, the system will allow the introduction of the service trade in dark pools. Globitex plan to make different choices for matching orders in dark pools, for example, by letting the order matching events occur at specific time intervals, in this way achieve better protection for abusers the market price of unwanted orders and fluctuation of price movements. Subsequently, iceberg orders will be added to support tool that allows the addition of greater liquidity in the public market.

Other important features are supported by Core Services is a service of uncertain liquidity based on the order book cross-linkable. Like the exchange of Globitex which should have supported
some couples kriptocurrency instrument-to-fiat, will make it possible to compile the book order synthetically with sparse liquidity by allocating liquidity of other trading partner are also attributed.

By adapting the web platform for mobile devices, Globitex will bring the Exchange service to the user’s fingertips “on the road”. This will expand the range of accessible and allows targeting a wider client base.

Globitex will also add the FAST Protocol (FIX Adapted for STreaming) in addition to the FIX Protocol has been supported. https://www.globitexico.com/The FAST Protocol is designed as a data compression protocol and is used for transporting high volumes of market data to meet the needs of the application of ultra-low-latency. Valued by High-Frequency traders, the inclusion of the FAST Protocol can specify a new client base for the exchange of Cryptography.

Globitex will continue to develop and maintain the system in order to add new
protocols and interfaces to the system Core Exchange so that it can support new client requests
and the types of applications in the future.

to realize business objectives set out in this paper, an EIP etembel-20 (previously known as ERC-20) protocol-based smart contracts (Token GBX)-will be issued by Globitex Limited, a private limited company (company) founded in Gibraltar is fully owned by the US Globitex Holding (Latvia). The company will use the funds to get the token sales results various usage rights and licensing, the utilization of the IT platform and trading platform Globitex. The company will also use the proceeds of the token to further develop eco-systems systems platforms, infrastructure and trade in accordance with the purposes described in this White Paper to develop the services so that the Token can be exchanged .

GBX Token will serve the primary purpose of the way of the settlement of exchange trades Globitex, that serves as a token payment of commissions, and also used in loyalty programs. GBX token of the redeemed are meant to be burned and therefore excluded from circulation permanently.

GBX Token will be used to cover the payment of commissions for trades done on the platform Globitex. All clients listed on the Exchange, Globitex will be able to exchange some token GBX as payment Commission.

Originally in tokennya a significant premium will be charged no less than 20%. For example, at a price of EUR 1 = 0.1 GBX, GBX clients choose to use as payment for trade will be able to enjoy the following bonus: GBX 1 = EUR 0.1 + 20%. Over time, depending on the success of the company as a whole, his bonus will be much
improved to stimulate utilization of token GBX widely for trade settlement.

Furthermore, the Globitex will offer a loyalty program members associated with other companies to give appreciation to clients and holders of the token during the lifetime of GBX the Token.

Overall, the GBX Token is expected to have a lifetime of 10 years, during that time, the token can be exchanged, loyalty programs and other benefits associated with the success of the enactment. After 10 years will pass, the company will review the program’s Token GBX and do the necessary adjustments to the continuation of the program.

The Detail Token
Token name: Globitex Token
Token symbols: GBX
Token lifetime: 10 years (subject to extension)
the execution Token Environment: platform Ethereal
Token standard: Smart Contracts approved by the Ethereal EIP-20 (previously known as ERC-20)
the decimal Unit 8 Token:
Token currency sales: ether), Bitcoin (XBT), Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Standard price: GBX Token emissions 1 = EUR 0.10
minimum sales Target including pre-sale: EUR 1,000,000.00
sales Target Stage i: GBX 50 million
sales Target phase II: GBX 150 million (phase I + GBX 100 million)
sales Target phase III: GBX 500 million (phase I + phase II + GBX 350 million)
Soft cap: GBX 500 million
minimum purchase Amount: GBX 100
sales start date: 08.11.2017 12:00 UTC
Sale end date: 07.12.2017 UTC 17:00 or 72 hours after the soft CAP is reached.

Discount Sales During The Initial Token Participation Of The Public

  • 15% discount for Token 20.0 GBX first sold
  • 10% discount for the next Token GBX 30 million sold
  • Discount 5% for the next 50 million Token GBX sold

The rewards associated with Additional Company

  • 10% success Award for a lifetime Token GBX if sales targets Stage I has been reached.
  • 15% lifetime success Token award GBX if sales target achieved II Stage
  • 20% lifetime success Token award GBX if sales targets Stage III has been reached.

Token Distribution
80% sold to contributors, 20% owned by the company, which includes prizes and referral
program, if enacted.

Sale Token
Token GBX will be sold during the sales of tokens in Exchange for the Aether (ETH), Bitcoin (XBT) and cash Bitcoin (BCH). Token distribution will be made after the end of the sale of the token.

Bounty Campaign
Globitex have set up 0.5% token on sale to give prizes to participants of the gift. All this Globitex token (GBX) will be distributed among the participants of the contest prize Globitex. Because the number of participants is not known, GBX token will be allocated, based on the number specified for each campaign gifts.

Among them are bounty Campaign

  • Campaign Translator 20%
  • Social media campaigns twitter and facebook 20%
  • Blog/media campaign 30%
  • Campaign hand Tnada 30%

More infromation :
Website: https://www.globitexico.com/
Whitepaper: https://www.globitexico.com/wp.pdf
Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic = 2257519.0
Twitter: https://twitter.com/globitex _
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/globitex/
bounty Campaign: https:// bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2257529.0

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