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GMT – The Global mining project activities for the Token provides and maintains the constant liquidity and the market to be traded, precious cryptocurrency mining processing power. the motive he this white paper is to provide a token or token capabilities and GMT RealBit holder with respect to the ICO is proposed. The information listed below will not be complete and does not mean any contractual relationship factor. The only reason is to offer relevant and reasonable entry to the ability of the token holder so for them to decide whether to conduct an evaluation of the company’s radical with the purpose to get the token GMT.

There is nothing in this white paper will be deemed to represent any prospectus or solicitation for funding, or whether it was in any way related to the grant or plea deals for shopping for effects in any jurisdiction.

This document does not always consist in compliance with, and no challenge to the legal jurisdiction of the guidelinesor policy, which may be designed to protect merchants. Product tokens instead digital currency, security, commodity, or some type of financial tool and no longer has been registered under the Securities Act, securities laws in any country in the United States or other American securities law guidelines States, together with the effect of the guidelines of the law of the jurisdiction where the holder is a resident of capability tokens.

GMT token cannot be used for purposes other than those provided in this white paper, including but no longer hold to, speculative funds, or different monetary function. GMT Token confers entitlement does not differ in any form, including but not limited to which any of ours, distribution (such as, but not limited to, income), redemption, liquidation, items (along with all other forms of intellectual stuff), or different financial or criminal rights, other than that is primarily set forth below. Certain statements, estimates and monetary information listed here is the next search statements or facts. Such statements ahead of the search or need a recognized statistical and unknown danger and uncertainty, which is probably the goal of real events or results to vary materially from estimates or the effect of implied or stated in the statement of such forward-looking. The language of this United Kingdom white paper are the main facts about the legitimate supply GMT Token. The notes listed here may also sometimes translated into another language or use in the direction written or oral communication with present and prospective customers, partners, and so on. On the road such as translation or verbal exchange a number of records listed here can be wrong, damaged, or misrepresented. The accuracy of the opportunity of communication cannot be guaranteed. In the event of conflict or inconsistency between translations and communication and this kind of
the language of the United Kingdom white paper, legal provisions in the original document language United Kingdom this will work.

Global mining platform (“GMP”): Realbit ´ s or market/hash website for purchase price and buying and selling. At first it would be characteristic of BTC BCH Hash RATE, then we will enforce the LTC, ETH, and others in accordance with the request. The hash will be traded and conversion RATES for each other.
How to launch the initial token sales to the general public from signs of GMT.

How to remove a token the launch of specific groups of signs GMT.
ICO date: Token can be provided on a pre-sale for 30 days starting on November 1, 2017. ICO may date December 1, 2017 and the next batch of earnings will pick up location each month until April 2018. There may be a batch of 3 after pre-sale that lasted one month, finishing March 31, 2018.

The victim may be open to the general public globally.
Token pre-sales Volume: 20 million GMT (1 mm USD)
Pre-sales start date: November 1, 2017 12 00 am PDT
Pre-sales end date: November 30, 2017 12 00 am PDT
ICO start date: December 1, 2017 12 00 am PDT

Buy gadgets is probably the most important barrier to access to the Bitcoin mining. One desires a broad investment in conjunction with the strongest connection to the equipment manufacturers. After the conditions are met, it may cost millions to build a top level data center and requires specialist working 24/7 to preserve valuable operations.

At the beginning of the year 2016 or Blockchain-based investment offering formal funding for car bitcoin mining investment. Investors can buy shares of the company, and may cost the hash will be allocated to them, where they will receive a dividend of the month-on-month in the denomination bitcoin. As private equity’s mission, or mining funds have generated goes back more than three hundred% within 15 months. As a result, Raymond is currently a respected speaker and presenter at world Brazil in bitcoin, and South America. However, setting up a private venture fund justice becomes no longer quite as sales reached head to head and that takes a long time-from explaining what bitcoin mining into contracts and investment system, investors are one on one the time. New devices that need to be created – one that might reach people and show them that investing in mining bitcoin is transformed into useful if done right.

How to work a GMT
GMT is the Token Ethereum primarily based tokens that represent the right to buy and Exchange Cryptocurrency Mining capacity, or processing power (“Hash Rate”) on the site’s Global mining Platform discount that is granted by the way or Realbit. Cumulative reductions will give the GMTs and thrive when shopping for exclusive Hash price for more than one cryptocurrencies. The token will be offering reductions on the purchase desire Hash tribes (i.e. the BTC/BCH/LTC/etc).

How the cumulative discount ´ GMT s works
GMT token give a discount on acquisition of the Hash Token level. Based on the purchase of the Hash Token level, you start mining for the bag you desire. Token GMT you can be frozen until you sell Hash Token level. You can also use the GMTs and a reduction on a regular basis you need!

Mining activities in the Global project to offer Token and maintain constant liquidity and the market to be traded, precious cryptocurrency mining processing power of the ICO Website is based entirely tokens representing the right to buy alternative and Cryptocurrency capacity of mining, or processing power (“Hash Rate”) at a discount on the internet site of Global mining Platform provided by or Realbit. GMTs will offer a reduction in cumulative and increasing the price of a typical Hash when shopping for more than one cryptocurrencies. The token will give you a reduction on the purchase of the tribe of the Hash option (i.e. a BTC/BCH/LTC/and so on).

How the cumulative discount ´ GMT s works
Token GMT offer discounts in the purchase of the Hash Token level. Based on the acquisition of the Hash Token level, you start mining to the wallet of your preference. Token GMT you can be frozen until you are promoting Hash Token level. You can use the GMTs and reduction is usually the way you want!

The actual real life examples
Date: 10/15/2017
BTC price: 5700 USD
Difficulty: 1,196,792,694,099
Hash Rate: 1 Terahash/s (one thousand BTCgH proof)
Income in the current difficulties: ⁴ 36.48 USD/month
Cost effective power: 6.5 USD/month
Logistics and maintenance: USD 1.0/month
Gross Profit: 28.98 USD/month
Rental fee: 4.35 USD/month
TOTAL monthly PROFIT of 24. six three USD = four. Nine two% ROI ⁵

With the Token GMT, discounts, profit You can cross to extensively. Extra extra profit you buy, you will have when you follow Your deductions to you buy Hash value!
Token sales details
The token supply 2 hundred, 000, 000 GMT
Global mining platform may be available on February 1, 2018. Discount tokens may be issued two months after each batch.


August 2017-start RealBit or development challenges
September 15, 2017 GMT release projects
October 15, 2017-General GMT presale start
1 December 2017-1 March 2018-general sales signs GMT
1 February 2018-publication and distribution of the first GMT token to buyers in BTC pre-selling and BCH hash operational rates
May 1, 2018-the publication and distribution of all primary signs
June 1, 2018-LTC hash operational costs
1 July 2018-ETH and the hash Dash operational costs

For the full academic videos please see our website howitworks GMT cumulative discount Token hash token costs on Global mining Platform. The holder of the other buy the larger GMT bargain.

Hash rate per second steps
Gigahash = (1000 * 10 ^ 9) or hash 1 billion in step with 2d
Terahash = (10 ^ 12 hash) or 1 trillion hashes in accordance with 2d
Petahash = (10 ^ 15 Hash) or 1 quadrillion hash is consistent with 2d
Exahash = (10 ^ 18 hash) or 1 trillion hashes are consistent with both
Each token represents a GMT right to buy Hash on the token rate cheap.

Example: the price of a Token zero. 05 dollars
Each Hash Token level (BTCgh) represents the gH 1/s worth the cost cost cost minus the hash and rent power and logistics.
Income: income level hash made from mining Your desire currency effective energy costs: electricity costs paid to my currency choice2 logistics and maintenance costs: the cost of maintaining the software, the device and the machine, consisting of operating costs including salaries, rent and maintenance. Rental fees: OR RealBit ´ s price for handling operations.

Model BTCgh Hash Token income Rate

+ Hash income level
-Cost effective electric
-Logistics and maintenance costs
-Rental fee (15% of the net value)
= Payment
The actual real-life examples:
Date: 10/15/2017
BTC price: 5700 USD
Difficulty: 1,196,792,694,099
Hash Rate: 1 Terahash/s (one thousand BTCgH proof)

All costs automatically deducted daily from the hash sales prices, mining or rewards. Our data center engineers holding device and restore us every day. Mining and sales dividends can be paid for additional sales rather than cost.

Meet or Realbit
Project GMT comes to the lifestyle of a joint partnership between human tasks back or investment Blockchain, which offers a successful car for the funding and structure of the sector to put money into the market cryptocurrency and tools, and RealBit Mining, reliable Bitmain distributor and Manager of the data center and enterprise quality cost of the hash, which combine to create OR-RealBit.
The first world mining Fund Bitcoin with buyers more than 170
Bitmain, official distributor of Trustees datacenter experts, professional efficiency of the BTC mining when you consider that the 2012

It all started in the year 2012 while Bernardo Schucman, a self-taught laptop moved to California to seek new opportunities. After completing a degree University of UCLA, legit he makes a purchase in the Internet that has the option to checkout using bitcoin. Inherently interested in assets recently, he found out a new way to profit using existing knowledge. He later bought a dozen machines and established them in his barn, where he saw the money
Start multiplying. Bernardo found he transforms into a programmer that is truly professional, meanwhile here up to the mining software that led him to make a private mining software program, more green. It turned into the year 2013 that he teamed up with old friend and associate Denis Mandelbaum to create a large mining operation bitcoin: RealBit.

RealBit raised over USD 30 million in capital, bringing back that is unprecedented for a non-public internet high really worth buyers. 2015 years – where prices have bitcoin risky and sector became now’s not really conscious about it, derivative trader yr turned into Raymond Nasser be sent to Dennis Mandelbaum and Bernardo Schucman – which already formed bitcoin miners. After making an investment into their organization, Raymond looking back has been much better than traditional financial markets. Managed spin-off of diverse portfolio for the price range and family Office, he had the idea of selling hash costs, and teaching people in the closest circle around bitcoin mining.

How to promote high quality hash costs through clear platform with honest prices and an honest agreement with out an elaborate hidden clause. 2017-ICO technology begins. Millions of dollars poured into projects with the promise of a short, aggressive revenue. Some are the real deal, the maximum has been discontinued.

This becomes the current group or RealBit began searching for a method to inspire the hash into a contract price smart. The first concept being to establish a settlement that will pay the holder of a smart token dividend day. It’s still new and raw, but a couple of things. The brain then painting and after secret talks with many of the key man in the market, miles wider and bigger ideas, GMP project GMT be born. Why we can offer a cost cryptocurrency hash one while we will give them all, and still allows the holder of the token to sell their shares available in the market? Then become net contributors in the team’s mind what needs to be executed.

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