GoWithMi – Building the World’s First Complete Decentralized Location-Based Services

Gowithmi strives to make a new space in the world of the blockchain. The company aims to create the world’s first end-to-end decentralized service system based on a location that does not depend on any central side. The goal of Gowithmi is to connect the real location data using powerful blockchain-related technologies, connecting blockchain with the real crypto world.

Gowithmi will revolutionize the application of blockchain technology in the area of location-based services, mainly in two aspects: the world’s first full platform for decentralized, location-based services ( dlbs), offers a revolutionary solution for the Impossible triangle in the application of a location-based service area.

Gowithmi initiates in the branch of decentralized production of cards, which will force the world industry of maps to go directly from the Digital Card 1.0, Cards crowdsourcing 2.0 to the era of maps of consensus 3.0. Taking into account the high coverage and high quality in the version 1.0, as well as the inexpensive attributes of version 2.0 in real time, anyone from any corner of the world will be able to participate in the joint construction of the map and make a profit in real time Within the program. Machine consensus and sharing of the main cartographic service, high level of security, high quality, high coverage, low cost, real-time all over the world.

With the decentralization reform from the data terminal to the server, the service and data are run on the Gowithmi spatial Computing host. No individual organization can discontinue the service. The developer can freely call the map service, and any agency no longer controls the business line.

GOWITHMI conducts the world map industry directly to the transition from Digital Card 1.0, crowdsourcing Card 2.0 to the era of Consensus cards 3.0, which perfectly takes into account the high coverage and high quality in the version 1.0 and low cost. This feature was tested in Jakarta, Indonesia: For 3 months with almost zero cost, it received data with a double density of Google Map, and the quality of the data was tested by the strictest in the world standard test before the installation of cars, Successfully entering the Global procurement catalog Avtodillerov.

Gowithmi catches two pain points and a refreshing user point: The first point of the user is the accumulation of weak infrastructure of large cities in developing countries, and the second point of pain is the protection of privacy of personal data. Users will be able to use the product for extraction and profit, which is the first point of user update, and the user’s personal location information can increase the value of its asset, which is the second point of the update. This can quickly solve the problem of a cold startup and instantly form the scale. It also modifies the attributes of traditional map tools and has a higher cost of entering traffic. At present, when there is no large-scale marketing in the Indonesian market, the natural volume of downloads in 5 months reaches 1 million +, and DAU reaches 20 000 +. If Gowithmi accelerates coverage and moderate growth of market investments, it is expected that next year it will reach 1 mln. DAU and will be the first killer application in the world of the blockchain.

Google and Temasek forecast that in the next seven years, the internet economy in Southeast Asia will grow seven-fold, exceeding 240 billion dollars. At the beginning of the project, the main target market for Gowithmi is emerging markets in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. It faces nearly 4 billion huge ocean markets with users who have just connected to the Internet.

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