GoWithMi Completely Decentralize the Core Component of the Internet Ecosystem

Gowithmi Innovate to create a network called the Network (blockchain computational spatial Gaia), the network Gowithmi it can be called network applications first in the World Network blockchain is the main, which is called application Decentralized blockchain, which is designed to allow the user to control the data, returns data that will connect to all users of the application Gowithmi, predicting super spatial completely Consider all business scenarios of decentralization, based on the original spatial data Gowithmi reliable and big Data Spatial Trust, provides a variety of trigger combinations intelligent Trust to the entire ecosystem including, But not limited to:

Location trust, electronic fence, trajectory anti-cheat spatial, trust, business-smart spatial etc. Upgrading the offline business ecosystem into a business ecosystem that can be programmed with impeccable authority. Of Gowithmi This can be doubted, so many of the middle-class people and the middle and higher use of gowithmi because of Ease of use and in the case of Gowithmi.

Gowithmi Project Solution.
The Gowithmi solution is based on a chain of blocks decentralized first, allowing each user connected to the node and each family blockchain to create a digital society new, Gowithmi the application Gowithmi designed in a way with advanced and Easy-to-use for all applications that it connects a network of users around the world through an intelligent device called Gowithmi, let people choose what they do with their time and improve data performance From self and can improve the daily lives of people around the world, Gowithmi, as well as the freedom to monetize his Gowithmi blockchain facilitate the exchange of control over information around the world, that very trust the Sedas, organization and can Rely, so you don’t need to worry about sharing your personal data all over the world and reduce the exchange of sensitive data that you have and don’t need to worry about people, because online (blockchain computational spatial Gaia) is very Transparent in the eyes of others.

Advantages of Gowithmi.
Gowithmi The leading applications of Gowithmi own and seen from the system are as effective as what frees you and all your loved ones to just enjoy life from the clever, the application of Gowithmi you can access in a way with the desires of their Users that this is the future of the common application Gowithmi This technology is public, which is applied to the general purpose applications, scalable and good presentation, more secure to combine with the consent of the family network, it The application connects the network of users around the world through the device Gowithmi blockchain is a public which can be called decentralized, complementing the components of the last key from the blockchain to expand the possibilities of application True Cross-chain supports all platforms, Blockchain and allows the offline enterprise to move into a new era of business that can be programmed.
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