Grabity  The Internet at the moment is an integral part of the life of almost every person. This network is used in everyday life to exchange data, communicate and trade various goods. Modern internet is a centralized network, which makes it very vulnerable to the actions of fraudsters and cybercriminals. Despite this, most people trust this network and want to trust people in it and beyond.
To make a reality such a future of the Internet will allow only full decentralization, which can be provided only with the use of Blockchain technology. However, at the moment this technology is also gradually approaching centralization. In addition, it has a number of disadvantages that do not allow you to use it to adopt the Internet, which include:
Low transaction processing speed
The need to pay for each transaction;
Low network efficiency caused by storage of all operations within the network;
Storage of Dapp on centralized servers that are vulnerable to hacker attacks;
Lack of a universal environment for developers;
The centralization of the Proof-of-work algorithm, which is associated with a multi-node scan.
Solve all the above problems and significantly transform the usual for many Internet networks will allow a new project called Grabity.
Purpose of the project
Grabity  The main goal of the developers of the Grabity project is to create a distributed P2P network, which will use all wired and wireless connected resources, unused by the computer, which will ensure full decentralization, High security, and instant transaction processing.
Working principle
Realization of the above purpose will be carried out by the creation of unique network orbits network. The main distinguishing features of this network will be:
simultaneous processing of transactions;
Genesis hoisting technology;
Defrag option;
Distributed storage.
The first and most important feature is a system of simultaneous processing of transactions, implying the use of nodes as a means to create, process and verify the user. Thus, the number of nodes that check transactions will increase with the addition of transactions to the network. Grabity  This structure solves the problem of scalability because it eliminates the need to collect and process transactions.
To improve network efficiency, a unique Genesis hoisting technology has been developed that uses a central node only when the memory of all nodes is fully populated. Moreover, this technology involves overwriting the file after processing, which significantly reduces the volume of transactions and increases the speed of operations.
Network efficiency is also provided by the Defrag function, which is capable of calling the source files of decentralized applications in streaming mode. It should be noted that this function does not preserve the functions of applications that are not used or are used very seldom, which also reduces the load on the network. This keeps all the data and Dapp source files distributed across multiple nodes, making each application virtually invulnerable to attackers.
In addition to all of the above, the platform will create:
 Planet Wallet – A purse that allows you to store the platform tokens, transfer them by phone number, and use them for trading on the stock exchanges;
 Dapp Store – A store where you can purchase decentralized applications from various categories, from business to games.
The main payment means of the network will be GBT tokens, which can be obtained by providing free PC resources for network operation or buying during the ICO.
Dates and details of ICO
The creators of the project intend to sell 7 billion GBT at a price of 0.0053 dollars. You can buy tokens during the pre-sale period – from January 15 to February 14, 2019 or during a public sale – from March 1st to 31st, 2019.
Softcap Project-10 million dollars, hardcore-$30 million.
Conclusion : 
The idea of translating a modern internet network to Blockchain to ensure the security of users is quite interesting and attractive. Due to the fact that the project Grabity with its network orbits network offers not only security, high speed of transactions, but also the opportunity to earn all comers, it can be very successful. That is why investing in the development of this idea can be very advantageous.

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