Grabity – The Evolution of Trust on the Internet

Grabity  Blockchain technology has evolved from the very beginning of Bitcoin, but the technical performance of Blockchain still needs improvement and standardization in order to be commercialized. Similarly, internet business cannot grow without Internet technologies, and the market of blockchain-business will be difficult to create before the development of technology blockchain.

Anyone can share computer resources through existing idle devices such as smartphones, tablets or PCs, and will be able to contribute to the creation of a public blockchain and transform the Internet paradigm from Centralized system to a distributed network.

Grabity is a public blockchain project to transform the Internet paradigm from a centralized network into a distributed network. Current hardware performance has improved significantly, even enough for smartphones to have better performance than previous servers. However, it does not use 100% of disk space and processing power. Who can share computer resources by using already possessed idle devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs, and users can receive rewards as they provide resources. When the Grabity project reaches the stage of commercialization, anyone can use distributed nodes to switch the Internet paradigm.

With the advent of the PC and modems 1200bps in the mid-1970s, a decentralized model of the CMC network appeared. Meanwhile, the development of local networks has made a great contribution to the expansion of Internet users. It is a kind of extension of the local network, and it is the most standardized model of the current Internet.
Initially, because of the small number of hosts, only one host table was sufficient, but as the number of hosts increased, it became difficult to remember the hostname and address, and DNS was developed and introduced in 1984 when the number of hosts exceeded 1000.

At that time the first Internet search system Archie was developed, and for the first time, a commercial internet provider appeared. A crucial moment for commercialization since the mid-1990s, the internet has had a major impact on culture and commerce, with the increase in Internet access for users, the proliferation of low-cost and high-performance PCs, as well as Expansion and development of communication infrastructure. It has become a world wide web of blogs, social networks, online shopping malls, as well as email, instant messaging and video calls.

The blockchain is a distributed data storage technology that validates transaction records that are transparently written to the workbook and replicates and stores it across multiple nodes so that anyone can access it to prevent hacking. Blockchain also called a public transaction register, Grabity  is a distributed storage technology that connects blocks into a chain and replicates and stores them in many computers at the same time.

Instead of posting transactions to a centralized server, all users participating in the transaction can store the same transaction record, and each participant uses the same transaction record each time the transaction is executed To prevent tampering or alteration of data.

Assuming that the new paradigm was created by the development of a particular technology, what elements are needed to change the paradigm? The power of sharing from the old to the new is trust. Currently, the internet is centralized. In addition, it is easier to forge the Internet than to forge in the real world. But most users want fair trade and trust the possibilities of the Internet. Such trust and reliability should not be broken by some malicious people and should be installed with a more reliable Internet society even with some losses.

Grabity  Thanks to the blockchain, the centralized Internet is transferred to a decentralized structure. Cryptocurrency is used and uses the method of storing financial transaction details in a block, sending transaction records to all users involved in a transaction, and using countermeasures against data tampering. In addition to electronic payment and digital authentication, it can be applied to various fields requiring reliability and confidence such as cargo tracking system, P2P loan, electronic voting, vehicle sharing, and medical management. Documentation. It is now accelerating through the Ethereum platform, but limiting the increase in platform cost, transaction processing speed, and storage space is still in need of a solution.

Because of the fundamental limitations of blockchain technology and communication technologies, it works in a hybrid structure. This structure can be somewhat protected by a blockchain but is still in a vulnerable state, but when the central server shuts down, the whole system will collapse. A truly distributed application should allow the source files to run and be stored in the distribution. However, you need an efficient storage and processing system to manage the source files in the blockchain because the capacity increases exponentially. Unlike an existing structure in which functions are stored in all memory and read the contents of a particular function, in the program source of the orbits network.

The grabity ecosystem consists of nodes, community, Dapp, and platforms, and each institution contributes to an ecosystem based on the economics of tokens. We represent the economics of tokens and the different requirements for the functioning and development of the ecosystem as follows.
 Purpose of Fees: Hardcap 30 000 000 $ and Softcap 10 000 000 $
 Total Volume: 10 billion GBT
 Sales Volume: 7 billion GBT
 Price: 1 GBT = $0.0053

As a result, we observe a well-thought-out project with aggressive ambitions and all chances to realize them!
 The project is implemented very simply and at the same time contains a huge functionality and a good idea to solve a lot of problems!
 This project has very good ratings in most listings, and it is justified, given its almost unique idea and professional implementation.
 The project team does everything in its power to maintain and raise the project. He is happy to answer all the questions of the community and investors.
And the main thing it will not disappear after ICO! And this is extremely important in our time.
 As I said, the evaluation of the project is very high, and give them not ordinary people, and professionals of the business! I advise you to learn more about this project, I see it has huge potential!
 I am very glad that you have read to the end, and it means that you liked my review and this project. And this is the main thing I wanted to achieve by working on this review. I tried to convey all the information collected, in the shortest and simplest, all understandable, form!
Thank you so much for being with me.

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