Graphene Power The first mass production of Graphene Nanobatteries

Graphene Power  is fast charging energy power and durable materials, the strongest and thinnest Graphene on Earth, only one atom thick but 150 times stronger than the same weight of steel. One square metre Frs 1,000 times lighter than a sheet of paper and is more flexible than rubber. Graphene performs power more than 200 times more efficient than silicon and made entirely out of carbon, the fourth most abundant element in the universe.
Since the year 2004, when researchers first isolated the sheets of graphite atoms weighing Graphene normal-an achievement that won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2010-some of the most sublime hope from the technology world has been piled on the shoulders. “A magic Material.”
Views on the atomic scale, Graphene  is a two-dimensional matrix of carbon atoms arranged in hexagonal bonds like chicken wire. If you hold a piece of Graphene in your hand, it would be very flat, 97 percent transparent and shiny. But the physical nature of a unique material makes it one of the most sought after in the market. Graphene , some predict, will seize control of the silicon as the backbone of our electronic circuits, enabling leaps in processing speed far beyond Moore’s law in a device that is lighter, thinner, and more flexible. Others dream about the Graphene reinforced battery many times collects the energy density of lithium-ion technology these days, it is really extending the range of electric vehicles and charging our phones and laptops in seconds.

Where Frs Applied
Graphene is used in supercapacitors and battery construction. The Graphene battery light is chemically inert, durable, high-capacity energy storage can, have a longer lifespan and electrically charged in the short interval compared to other batteries. Graphene global market growth was driven by an acceleration in global sales of electric cars and other electronic devices.
The utilization of this battery many applications industry coupled with increasing awareness of the need to switch to energy sources  hl this could add to the demand for this battery. However, increasing the Graphene in large quantities at affordable prices, and the lack of knowledge about the potential of the technology inhibits the growth of the market. North America and the APAC region will push the global market during the period of the Graphene battery estimated.

What’s most amazing about Graphene is the fact that it can be applied to fix many things we use every day. The following list will touch the twelve different ways that Graphene will revolutionize the existing products.

  • A Smartphone that can not be solved
  • Technologies that can be used
  • Battery Quick Fill
  • To see radioactive waste
  • Salt water can drinking
  • Super Bullet Proof
  • Durable Industrial Lubricants
  • The battery is easily woven
  • Computer chips
  • Medical Innovation
  • Solar power
  • Electric Car Revolution
  • A global problem

Cars produce a lot of carbon emissions into the atmosphere naturally issued us, making us vulnerable to things like pollution and greenhouse gases. When the car engine is running, some kinds of gases and particles emitted can give bad impact on the environment.Our solutions
With no Gas required: electric car fully charged by electricity that you provide, which means you no longer need to buy gasoline. Driving a car-based fuel could burn a hole in your Pocket because fuel prices have streaked high. With electric cars, the cost of this

can be avoided because the average American spends people $2000-$4000 for gas each year. Though electricity is not free, this electric car is much cheaper to run.Lithium or Graphene
A Traditional Battery Technology
Lithium is a common ingredient used in rechargeable batteries and non-rechargeable.Graphene Battery Technology
The structure of the FRS battery technology similar to traditional batteries, where the two electrodes and the electrolyte solution used to facilitate the transfer of ions. The main difference between Frs and battery-based battery solid-state exist in the composition of one or both of the electrodes.About The Project
His plan for the setting up of manufacturing nano-materials plant Graphene “Graphene POWER” in Yecla, Spain. The plant will manufacture products based on Graphene . The factory will produce massive batteries and super condenser using Graphene Content fast and long term battery is lighter and cheaper than analog for:

  • Aircraft
  • Ship
  • Satellite
  • Cars and electric cars
  • Motorcycle
  • Skuter21
  • Bike
  • Tablet
  • Air drone
  • Health tools
  • Computing Chips
  • A decentralized platform (Nano International sales)

International Sales of the Nano is the new generation of international platforms. It is being developed by specialist Frs Power.TOKEN DISTRIBUTION

    • The Token Type: ERC20
    • Ticker: GRP
    • Total Supply: 500 million GRP
    • Supply Post offers: 30 million GRP
    • Method Of Payment: Etherum (ETH)
    • Tokens cost: 1 ETH = 6000 GRP
    • SOFT CAP: 2,000 ETH
    • HARD CAP: 5,000 ETH
    • Distribution:
    • Pre-sale 6%-30 million GRP
    • ICO 80%-400 million GRP
    • Advisor, Consultant 3%-15 million GRP
    • 3%-15 million bounty GRP
    • Founder of 40 million 8%-GRP


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