GRE Centralized Product Design and Risk Pricing Leading to Product Homogenization

GRE Global Risk Exchange – The modern investment market is unforgiving of mistakes. It knows even far from the financial sector people. For successful participation in it requires a large number of funds, which is inaccessible to the ordinary man in the street.    
Kriptovaljut in the world the situation is the same. If you invest your hard-earned money in a fraudulent ICO, the probability of losing finance will be very great. On such schemes already burned many novice crypto investors. Therefore, do not invest in such areas for the whole amount. This is necessary in order not to lose the entire capital entirely.   
However, this is not always the case. Some lucky crypto Has managed to buy when its course was at an early stage of development. Now many of them are dollar millionaires.   

From all this, we can conclude that there is no investment that could guarantee profits. Investment market dictates its own conditions, creating demand for insurance investments, which will be available to everyone. GRE project wants to solve this problem by providing users with digital investment. On its territory, there will be no place for fraudsters, scammers, pyramid schemes etc.

The main idea of the creator’s projects GRE GRE Developers are taking steps to create a decentralized platform for blockchain technologies. This Exchange will not depend on third-party centralized sites. It will be trading risks assumed by one of the parties.    The main feature of the GRE is that her party can be any user regardless of financial situation. This will allow for starting investors gain first capital. However, the main partners will be the Organization’s digital platforms, working in the field of insurance. On the stock exchange, GRE will be conducted insurance operations, as well as be derivative contracts.  
  For whom the project is created on the numeric pad of the GRE will communicate the following groups of persons: 
 insurance agents;
 Programmers specializing in creating digital contracts;
 Consumers of insurance services.
From this we can conclude that each group will receive reliable and feature-rich tools to manage insurance risk. It is worth noting that between the physical and legal person equality will prevail. Unfortunately, in today’s insurance sector the situation is different where a situation of controlled companies, organizations, etc.
The advantages startups GRE this development possesses the following advantages to compete with industry leaders:  low threshold for logging on to the insurance market. This allows anyone to start their own investment activities on real insurance market;
 user Protection from intruders. Personal data of participants in the distributed decentralized roster, which excludes the possibility of leaking personal information;
 Transparency of operations within the system. This is possible thanks to blockchain and smart technologies;
 ability to separate insurance on Wednesday two stages. At the initial stage is preprocessing the insurance request, where risks are more noticeable. In secondary stage may redeem the service in an absolutely safe mode.
It is worth noting that in the sphere the of insurance market for the year 2017 was estimated for financial transactions of 4.8 trillion $. In 2018 will be held further transactions that increase the financial circulation in this ecosystem.  
 Features project token GRE 
Global Risk Exchange financial transactions within the digital exchanges will be carried out using tokens called RISK. The system will charge a small Commission from the participants, which will be repaid with the help of internal currency fields. If to speak a simple language, the token RISK is a mediator who takes responsibility for compliance by all parties to the contract  
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