Greentoken – Mining Crypto-Currency With Lifelong Free “green” Electricity

Greentoken – The problem of waste disposal was topical at all times, but today this issue has risen so sharply that raises the Shakespeare theme to the global scale: actually, to be or not to be our planet? There are only two variants of the answer: either people turn face to the problem, or our beautiful Earth will be lost under a heap of foul-smelling rubbish. Today there is a huge number of industrial enterprises in the world. And only a few of them can boast of non-waste production, the rest of them cope with the waste as they can or do not cope at all. About a third of all waste is recycled, i.e. disposed of. The rest are forced to lay dead cargo and pollute our atmosphere. And the longer we live with this rubbish, the fewer the chances of future generations to survive.

This question overdue already so clearly that it is time for everyone to think and be anxious to beat the bells. Waste disposal is an integrated measure. To qualitatively approach to the decision of this problem, it is necessary to take into account the presence of different kinds of waste and to the processing of each of them, it is necessary to approach individually.
Depending on the origin, the waste is divided into different types and classes. Let’s call the most common, although it is fairly conditional separation, in fact, species and subspecies much more.
Household waste. This kind of trash is formed in the process of human life. It is a variety of food, paper, plastic and other waste that is thrown out by citizens from their homes, institutions. Normal, familiar to all the rubbish, occurring everywhere and everywhere, belongs to the fourth or fifth class of danger.

Biological waste. Animals and humans are biological species. The waste of their life is large. These include public catering, sanitary facilities, veterinary clinics and the like. The main method of their utilization is incineration. Liquid fractions are exported on special machines.
Industrial waste. These include wastes resulting from production and technological work. Greentoken To this kind, it is possible to carry also building rubbish which appears as a result of the manufacture of building and finishing materials, at the erection of houses and constructions, and also during carrying out of the installation, finishing, facing and repair works.
Radioactive waste. These are unusable gases, solutions, various materials and products, biological objects that contain radioactive substances in excess of the permissible amount. Depending on this indicator the degree of their danger is determined.
Medical waste. This group includes waste produced by medical institutions. Of these, about 80% are ordinary household rubbish, the remaining 20% represents a threat to a person to varying degrees.
Despite the huge scale, the problem of waste disposal is solvable. Of course, every inhabitant of the planet should start fighting with himself. But the consciousness of people should be necessarily supported by measures taken at the state level. There is a need for a comprehensive system dealing with the responsible management of natural resources and waste disposal. This is the system and the Project Greentoken.

Greentoken concept
Greentoken offers token owners to become co-owners of a large-scale and environmentally friendly project and receive lifetime revenue from mining. The project team wants to protect its participants from the routine work on the mining farm and to offer to participate in a special project, namely in the possession of mining farm with lifelong free “green” electricity, received from the recycling of garbage on Basis of innovative German technology. This means that such farms are 25-50% more profitable farms in any other country in the world (due to the use of free electricity).
Farms will be able to provide the opportunity to extract cryptocurrency to their owners. The team provides a transparent system for allocating tokens through the ETH Smart contract, which directs revenues from the mining Greentoken farms to each participant.

But what exactly will ensure this system operability? The answer is very simple-high temperature Pyrolysis reactor The waste is processed in the reactor without access to oxygen at temperatures up to 1300 ° C without the release of dioxins, furans, and heavy metals into the atmosphere.
When disposing of 75% of garbage is processed into synthesis gas, 25% residue-coke, pure carbon, which is used as fuel for industry and sold as a separate type of raw materials.
Reactors are manufactured in Germany and comply with all federal emission laws in Germany 17 Bim SCHV (EU Directive 2000/176 EG) and comply with all emission standards.

Token and ICO
Mining farms will bring a constant passive income to the owners of GTN tokens. The team provides a transparent system for allocating tokens through the ETH Smart contract, which directs the revenues from the mining Greentoken farms to each client proportionally to its part.
You will be able to profit from the project as long as the entire mining industry will live.
Token: GTN (ERC20)
Total: 500 000 000 GTN (available for sale 80%)
Price: 1 GTN = 0.15 USD
Quantity: 25 000 000 GTN
Price: $0.05
Date: 15.09.2018-15.10.2018
Quantity: 50 000 000 GTN
Price: $0.07-$0.10
Date: 15.11.2018-15.12.2018
Quantity: 325 000 000 GTN
Price: $0.15

Greentoken is the mining of cryptocurrency with a lifetime free “green” electricity on the basis of a waste-free recycling plant. In fact, by investing in this project you have a unique opportunity to get a great profit while taking care of the environment. Production focuses on closed circuits (renewable energy sources, sustainable material use, material recovery). The Grerntoken project has a professional team and good partners. In fact, it has everything necessary for further success

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