HACK  VC can be melted in the venture fund blockchain. HACK is the Ethereal-based token issued to investors HACK VC. Hacker/Founder (H/F) is a company that has invested in prime startups through the expansive international network. The company’s portfolio of technology Cardinals H/F have made seven solutions in just 5 years, simultaneously with the acquisition by Facebook and Cisco.

Hacker/Founder (H/F) created the HACK VC to bring easy approach to blockchain, improving accessibility and liquidity for investors. The usual beginner investors will only understand the advantage after corporations bought or go public. Liquidity events, such as an acquisition or IPO, rare in Silicon Valley, and the other in place even less. As a result, investors rarely get the advantage, and had to wait for about a decade to find out whether they are getting an honest investment calls. However, the HACK VC. Investors in the VC HACK to buy, sell and trade tokens for a fund worth worth of startup device performs well H/f. HACK token acts like a digital stock certificate.

Hacker/Founder Managing portfolio company supervisor post-stage products, and provide services in Exchange for equity. Equity Fund merged into and offered to investors. The four funds H/F has produced seven doors ease in 5 years. H/F launch group enterpriser early school in the Silicon Valley, and over the last decade, this community has grown to more than 3.00.000 people in 128 cities and forty-seven countries. Special network access is very important for H/F progress toward high-quality startup for the portfolio. The preferred method of interpreting society compiled by high quality software in the program H/F, and the company’s portfolio is likely to outstrip similar companies in a variety of funds or accelerators. Unlike others, H/F independently adjust the program to satisfy the desires of every startup. As a result, the portfolio of H/F have seven ease of company cardinal in four funds.

HACK VC blockchain use technology to form startup investment offered to people anywhere and unit area WHO in any level of investment. Those who want to keep supporting the startup school would participate despite not getting the high financial gains. The price of one token HACK is $1 USD, and through the sale of tokens, this minimum profit goes into the Fund. In addition, investors will benefit from the unit’s area WHO currently left early because they are in a very difficult world to succeed caused laws, markets, and different factors. In accordance with the localized versions of the blockchain technology, the capital will be left on the table at this time will increase value for investors.

HACK the VC also offers a diversification of risk. To date, it is almost impossible to realize the equity portfolio exposure to distributed wealth while startup does not overflow. Most importantly, HACK VC can be liquid, and giving investors the power to understand the advantage while not having to attend a decade. Hackers HACK creator, Co-founder/VC, has run the startup programs that generate proprietary growth half an hour from year to year over the last 5 years, and has had seven of 55 companies from around the world. In addition, teams can present $1 million shares of H/F at this time 1-4.

The HACK is based etiquette may be an Ethereal new HACK released by the VC, and may be bought, sold out and registered through web exchanges as trusted transactions. HACK is based on ERC223 Protocol. ERC223 solve the problem with the standard ERC20 while compatible with wallet ERC20. HACK is probably a digital token which can be traded and can be used for participation, illustrations, and proof of membership in an extra function H/F or alternatives. KrowdMentor, corporate investment and strategic information that empowers investors, funds, budding entrepreneurs and businessmen blocked, develop the token. KrowdMentor also provides a development contract is good, a good contract management system and through alternative consultative role to support the VC HACK.

web: https://hackvc.hf.cx
Whitepaper: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19gNjTd1pdikcGJ8laLC7-8DuSji2wcvIeDr_0qRs9pE/edit
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hfhackvc
Telegram: https://t.me/hackvc

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