Hash Card Real-Time Payments Without First Needing to Convert the Cryptocurrency in Their Wallet

HASH CARD Hello! I want to tell you about the coolest project Hashcard! The main idea of this project is to equate Cryptohalite, its importance and use in everyday life to local currencies, so that users around the world have the opportunity to pay with their credit or debit card Not dollars or euros, as they are used to, but their crypto-alluvial assets!
The hash Card project intends to release two products with which the daily purchase with Cryptohalite will become absolutely real. The first of them is a mobile application that functions like an electronic purse with a crypto-alluvial BTC, ETH and 25 other violins and also the FITATNYH euro currencies and dollars. Second-a debit/credit card hash card, with which users will be able to pay for their purchases through POS-terminals stores or withdraw cash via ATM ATMs.
Hash Card will give all users a unique opportunity to carry out transactions in real time, as when purchasing through POS-terminal in shops, and when removing cash in ATMs. In this case, their cryptments will be automatically converted into the local currency in the volume, which is necessary to make the purchase.
Advantages of Hashcard:
 The map will be a physical product and it can be used as a regular credit card, only for exchanging with crypto;
 All transactions can be tracked in real time instantly and no one will be able without your knowledge to make a transaction. Only something happens-you will immediately see and can find the location of the map;
 Possibility to exchange different currencies with the exact interbank rates;
All users of the hash Card App will be able to carry out free transactions with each other in real time. The testing of this application/wallet is almost complete so it will be run even during the sale of tokens. In the open access will be only 3000 cards, so it is recommended to carefully monitor their output, that would have to become one of the first users.
HASH CARD On the hash card map, you will be able to store various crypticity, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and another 25 other altcoins, and the local fiat currency, including dollars and euros. This means that even those users who are concerned about the fact that Cryptohalite can prove to be will be able to use a mobile purse hash Card in their own purpose-for online purchases or shopping on the ground. The mobile application hash Card for IOS and Android ensures storage and security of the deposited funds through a multilevel security system with two-factor authentication and cryptographic encryption, so users do not have to worry-their portfolio In a safe place. Purchases are made using the physical debit/credit card hash card, which works exactly the same as any other card of any bank. The transaction is carried out directly during the user spends it through POS-terminal or withdraw cash in the ATM.

The user is not calculated by the crypto itself. Instead, it is converted into a local fish currency at the time of payment of purchases or when removing money through the ATM. Project founders argue that the hash card will be taken by more than 30 million stores and ATMs across the globe. In this case, the Commission is charged a little less than for cash withdrawals (transactions-1.75% commission, withdrawals-2%), but the conversion itself takes place in real time with the most topical market prices.

Another important feature of the platform, without which it would not make sense-this is the exchange of the connection between users because if the hash Card is not allowed to carry out transfers, their aim about the use of Crypttoalta in everyday life would have lost its relevance. This is why the mobile application hash Card will allow its users to carry out instant crypto transactions from one purse to another completely free.
Type: Token erc20
Tokens: 150 000 000
Hard Cap: $9 million/90 million tokens sales
Soft Cap $3 million/30 million tokens sales
Price 1 HSHC: 0.10 USD
The sales of tokens will last from May 1 to June 12.
The distribution of tokens will take place within three days after the end of the sale of tokens. During different stages of sales of tokens on the platform will be available different bonuses. In the first 2 days, the bonus is 30% and a minimum contribution of 100 dollars. 3-12 Day-20% bonus and a minimum contribution of 50 dollars. 13-22-15% and 25 dollars, 23-32 10% and $5. 33-42-5% and 10 cents. At the expense of distribution, Tokenov can be said as follows: 60 percent will be available for purchases while selling tokens. 18% will go on a reserve platform. 15% will go to the team and will be frozen for a year and a half. 5% will go to the advisors and will be blocked within a year. 4 percent is allocated on the bounty. At the expense of distribution of the collected funds can be said as follows: 50% will go on the liquidity of the project and acceleration of card work, 15% on marketing, 15% for revision and future development, since the product is almost ready, 10% on new frames and 10% on the solution, licensing and audit.

Website: https://hashcard.io
Whitepaper: https://hashcard.io/downloads/WhitePaper-HashCard.pdf
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3336703
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hashcard
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hashcard.io
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hashcard
Telegram: https://t.me/hashcard
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