Hash Card The Card That Really Does work in The Everyday World

Hash card – is a map that really works in the everyday world. Many attempts have been made to create a bìtkoìn map that offers decentralized bank, instant conversions and reliable exchange rates. Until the hash Card, it was not achieved, despite the fact that millions of dollars have poured into this concept.
Hashcard has simplicity in use and excellent functionality and therefore can be useful to everyone who regularly conducts payment transactions in foreign currency.
 Hash Card:
 Physical plastic card, which can be used both online and in the real world, where this form of payment is accepted. It is the same card as everyone else, with the only difference that its owner can spend ethers, bìtkoìni and more than 25 different violins.
 Every time when the purchase is scanned by a magnetic tape of a card, a transaction exchange is an exact number of certain crypto on the Fiat. The owner’s balance is stored in a safe electronic purse.
 Application Hashcard, with which you can easily exchange money for real interbank rates.
 Calm the accuracy of currency exchange rates while making a card payment.
 Free money transfers in real-time between wallets of different users.
 Money instantly arrives at the recipient’s card.
 A map of the hashcard can be used to make purchases in more than 30 million retail outlets worldwide online and offline.
 An absence of additional commissions and targets provides savings of up to 7% compared to the use of the services of leading commercial banks.
 Card account Hashcard can be replenished with ether or bìtkoìnom absolutely free. Replenishment of the atom will be available at the end of the 2018 year.
Payment for purchase with the Hashcard does not represent any complexities. Through the application, the user can look at the status of their deposit and dollar bills e-purse, and spend the necessary amount. The possibility to exchange crypto on U.S. dollars and save money in this form will help to avoid the risk of volatility in the planning of purchases in the future.

hashcard Stage beta-testing the plastic card and electronic purse is virtually complete, which gives the opportunity to release a full product already in the course of ICO. Number of Cards with minimum Commission level (0.5%) Limited, they will receive only 3000 first subscribers. Card allocation will occur to parties every two weeks. To subscribe to the map, you must visit the site Hashcard.io and pass a simple KYC-verification procedure.

With the aim of as soon as possible to bring to the market a working product, the team of Hashcard decided to limit the support of the most popular to date digital currencies-bìtkoìnu, ether, and some altcoins, day trading volume exceeding $50 million. However, the perspective is planned to support the maximum number of instruments.

Hashcard goals
The main intention of the developers of Hashcard-to make operations with Kryptovalta with electronic wallets and plastic cards are not more difficult than with fig. This, in turn, will lead to the ubiquitous implementation of payments in digital form and their acceptance by financial regulators.

First will be produced only the standard Hashcard plastic card. In the future, according to the roadmap in the third quarter of 2018, the issue of Gold, Platinum and Black, commissions for the transactions will be lower than the standard card. Also planned issue of special salary cards hashcard.

ISO details
The symbol is Token-HSHC.
Application: Payment of services and access to additional services.
Standard Token-ERC-20.
Total output-150 million Tokenov.
Purchase rate-1 HSHC = 0.1 USD.
Soft-cap-30 million HSHC ($3 million).
Hard cap-90 million HSHC ($9 million).
Period of the lead through-from May 1 to June 12, 2018.
Tokens will be issued within 72 hours after the end of ICO.
All the unsold tokens will be destroyed.
30%-During the first 48 hours of purchase at least $100.
20%-3-12 day of purchase at $50 or more.
15%-13-22 day, minimum-$25.
10%-23-32 day, minimum-$5.
5%-33-42 day, minimum purchase-$0.1.

Distribution Token:
Distribution of attracted funds:
Image. png
50%-ensuring liquidity.
15% marketing.
15%-further development.
10%-legal support.
10%-salary of hired personnel.

Website: https://hashcard.io
Whitepaper: https://hashcard.io/downloads/WhitePaper-HashCard.pdf
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3336703
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hashcard
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hashcard.io
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hashcard
Telegram: https://t.me/hashcard

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