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HashByte – The new mining service in the cloud is a new company that seeks to revolutionize what people thought was already a revolutionary industry. Let HashByte simply make clear what the difference is between your project and the wide variety of other cloud-based mining companies that exist.

The HashByte team has been involved in the Criptomonedas ecosystem since its inception in 2009. Using hash power, users can use anything from their computer to their phone to get involved in this new era of online transactions. But what if the user does not have the time or resources to undermine? With high electricity prices around the world and the general difficulty of undermining certain increasingly high cryptos, it is not unexpected that certain companies have accepted the challenge and offer new, affordable and environmentally-safe options for Criptomonedas Mining.

Cloud mining services allow users to rent hash power from companies in an annual contract. The contracts are estimated based on their profitability and users tend to spend between $100 and $100,000 in gaming/praying for the price of the Bitcoin to rise from the time they bought the contract, that the pool fees remain low, that the electricity costs are kept in the minimum and that the hardware remains affordable to stay online. That’s a lot of factors to think about.

So what makes HashByte different? A member of the executive team was interviewed about that and, from what they have said, this is definitely a project to pay attention to.

Anon, chief engineer, HashByte
“Basically, we’re trying to offer the lowest possible contracts, both to beat our competitors and to save the environment. You see, the traditional cloud mining companies are using a lot of energy to start up the machines and much more to keep them online. In most cases, that electricity is just taken directly from the electrical grid, which contributes to generating fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions, which are damaging our planet. People want to make money and we get it, but why should we make money by destroying this beautiful place we live in? And another thing is, these companies are charging their users “maintenance fees”, which basically try to be aware of the ridiculous bills they receive each month. HashByte So we changed things. We open centers throughout Europe that are fully supported by green energy, both wind and solar, with the aim of even using biomass at some point. This means that we have no electricity commissions, no maintenance commissions because we believe it should be on our shoulders, not on our investors. ”

This really looks like a pretty powerful project and with an online site and already taking investors, it seems that people are putting their trust not only in HashByte but also in crypto, which, with the way Bitcoin was going last year, it is definitely positive during this period of calm.

The HashByte site currently publishes that it is making investments in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, the top 3 players, but the team is pretty sure that like other cloud mining services will be just the beginning, with a possible branching Towards Nero, ZCash, etc.

Those who first go to the HashByte website will be surprised when they see the prices incredibly low. It would seem that they are succeeding in securing lower rates thanks to state-of-the-art mining configurations and not having electricity commissions, but we believe that only time will tell if they are going to be able to continue offering such amazing pricing in hashing power In the long run.

A very encouraging step forward
HashByte It is definitely an interesting time for HashByte to go out to the public, given the recent shipping fiasco, one of the most successful sales of tokens for renewable mining and the rise of Hashflare’s contractual prices, which offers little profit, in case them.

This could be a sigh of relief for those who have been trying to get involved in cloud mining but have not been able to find affordable contracts or have not been willing to risk it. A new face on the market could be just what we need now for competitors to finally start taking their clientele seriously and not just doing what they want, thanks to monopoly possession. And for those of you who manage blogs, YouTube channels, Twitter, etc., do not worry, HashByte seems to have also covered for its customers, offering a very attractive 5% in all initial investments and reinvestments made by its affiliates, not So bad considering the already very attractive offer they are presenting.

Taking into account the high rate of the volatility of the crypto, which creates FUD among the majority of crypto, mining/mining in the cloud is considered a good investment option that has proven to generate consistent gains Regardless of the instability of the crypto market.

The team hopes that through the efforts of HashByte, other companies will follow them in this storm, focusing on greater profitability and the least possible effect on the environment. And who knows, maybe the next million will come from the investment?

Website: https://tge.hashbyte.io
Whitepaper : https://tge.hashbyte.io/whitepaper
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