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What’s a Hdac (Hyundai Digital Asset Currency)?
HDAC– As we know Hyundai is one of the biggest companies in South Korea, and the project is connected with Hdac Hyundai BS & C, so it will be something big and potentially in the future. Hdac is a project linked with the company Hyundai has a goal to develop IoT or more specifically to link the use of the device by electronic group into the blockchain technology. Fore all use of device can connect via inernet connection, as well as all the equipment at home (TV, washing machine, iron, lights, camera, smartphone, kattle etc), and also the car, airplane and others. Hdac is a next generation service platform that aims to bring technology IoT to blockchain. This platform is intended to create smart/kontrak smart contract that allows all device IoT connected to each other with an internet connection. The core concept of the platform revolves around the token Hdac Hdac. This token will be used by the device IoT as a secure micropayment methods and cannot be accessed by a third party, give the user/users full control over the finances involved in all device/device IoT them.

Hdac is IoT platform contract based blockchain that is not just an exchange but also can be used in everyday life with the device/device that can connect with the internet connection. While the IoT (Internet of Things) contract is a service of ‘ Machine-to-Machine ‘ (M2M) that controls all devices. This is an expanded concept of the Smart object ‘ Contract ‘ to ‘ Device ‘ IoT, where pemrogramnya, when you create a Smart Contract, share the address of the device that will be controlled through the blockchain network in the Hdac.

What is the purpose, excellence and why you should join with Hdac?

In the coming years more and more device/device usage can connect with the internet, because that’s the Hdac wants to develop IoT technology based blockchain, and they make their own blockchain for develop technology IoT. In addition with the popularity of cryptocurrency today, also makes this project would be a great fit. In the meantime, there are only some communities see these opportunities, it also Hdac in backed by Hyundai BS & C, so that the project is very promising. As described above the purpose of Hdac is to develop technology-based blockchain with IoT in order to later use of all devices that are in use in everyday life can connect with internet connections, and that all device/device can be connected to each other so it gives a lot of convenience, efficiency and other benefits as well. So the plaform Hdac will provide comfort and convenience in daily life using Multichain technology.
Several advantages Hdac, are:

The project is backed by the company’s Hyundai BS & C, which is one of the biggest companies in South Korea. Consists of a team and advisors who have been professional and experienced in their field. Because this project backed by Hyundai BS & C, impletasi and ecosystems from this project will quickly grow and develop. Their vision is very clear and it can never achieved. And also the project of Hdac is a combination of technology and technology IoT blockchain which both are popular today. Using unique Hybrid Blockchain Network so that Hdac are highly privacy and cannot be accessed by third parties. In addition, the Hdac will also open “Cafe De Block” in Seoul in December that it would receive a payment token Hdac, so demand for this token can be increased.

How does Hdac?
Hdac Platfrom will connect between the device/device by network configuration users with an internet connection safely, protecting privacy and far from tapping/threat of hacking and cybersecurity in high security. In contrast to his Bitcoin blockchain and other interesting stuff from Ethereum blockchain his Hdac is they use the consensus method Algorithm ePoW, Trust-based which is where this can limit wastage of resources and eliminate an imbalance between the interests and creating a network of decentralized distributed evenly. Blockchain Hdac will also connect private and public hurdle with ease through the creation of an intermediate Bridge Node that runs the configuration key to connecting chain. Hdac also incorporates a quantum random number generator when creating address wallet, private key, and public keys that are far more effective and safer than the pseudo random number generator that is used today. Through the core technology based on a unique, Hdac blockchain will be applied to a variety of industries around the world. It also blockchain Hdac has advantages in compare with his blockchain and the Ethereum, Bitcoin below are the advantages.

Example use of Hdac IoT technology in everyday life is a car that is already in the register and in the IoT, apply with their first must register in advance at the App and then pay the registration fee by Hdac token, and its benefits the car is for security already in the authentication with the previous owner and also the sensors to determine the purpose of a car where.

Details Of ICO/Token Generaion Hdac Event

The previous success of funds raked Hdac 13.000 BTC (or approximately $100 million) in a private sale, a huge amount though during this private sale no promotion I saw in social media or press release website cryptocurrency. This number membukikan a very high investor enthusiasm towards the project.
For the amount of Hdac is token supply 12 billion tokens, with details of its 7% will be in store for the capital reserve, 7% more will be on sale during presale and TGE/Token Generation Event. And 86% longer in mining by miner/anyone who participates in the network/network via ‘ ePow ‘ mining. Block the first reward will be 5.000 Hdac token and all the rest of the supply that has not been in mining will be mining for the past 170 years.
STAR ICO: November 27-December 22, 2017 (visit his website more https://www.hdac.io)
Price: 0.1 BTC = 1.800 DAC

Website https://hdac.io/
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2402330.0
WhitePapper : https://github.com/Hdactech/Hdac/wiki/Hdac-Technical-Whitepaper
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/Hdac/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Hdactech
Telegram : https://t.me/Hdac_TGE
Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/27015585

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