HELEX Buy Your Real Estate Properties in The Real World and Pay In Cryptocurrencies

Helex Corporation is a platform that is registered in an offshore jurisdiction to protect the identity of our clients and to avoid high taxes.
This platform offers an exclusive service for the team because the company is very connected with the local agencies around the world which in turn gives us access to a wide range of goods and services, regardless of location.
This platform connects the world with the real world crypto in a way that is personal and professional.
Helex token is built on top of the Ethereum’s network can be used to pay for services such as purchasing real estate properties as well as luxury car anywhere in the world.
The Purpose Of The Vision Of The Helix Corporation
This platform is a solution-oriented and aims to provide an efficient solution to clients.
Currently, investors who have assets in most crypto do not see the possibility to be able to take the purchasing power of the currency against the traditional.
Therefore, they have difficulties in their attempt to buy luxury cars or other valuables. However, Helex Corporation makes this possible with a very simple way.
The best service offered through this platform simplifies client-possibility to purchase and have the goods/property worth in the real world.
Helex Corporation welcomes all technology investors at home; where the crypto world and people in the real world meet at the bridge of blockchain.
The company’s platform helex also offers customized for clients while adjusting to the needs of the individual. Helex Corporation created a workaround solution, tailored to the needs of clients who provide other possibilities that are available in various countries around the world.
The token is a crypto Helex has been built to be used as a method of payment for all services offered.
It was built in the blockade of the ethereum, secure and decentralized platforms that allow payments between users around the world. Helex token will be added in the stock exchange in the second quarter, 2018 where all users could buy and Exchange, the team will also add additional benefits for investors founder, diamond, and a gold token that holds them.
Here is information about the helex token:
Helex Corporation offers many goods and services such as:
Founder Investors
Diamond Investors
Gold investor
Real Estate Property
Luxury car
Elite Service
They also offer New Ethereum Tokens: This means that the user can create its own economy in the blockade of the ethereum.
The company helex is also able to create Ethereal Er20 token in blockchain:
with personal names, symbols, and decimal units of your choice. It also creates personalized solutions, solutions tailored to clients ‘ needs, providing other possibilities that are available in various countries around the world.
At the Helex Corporation team believes that all persons regardless of their citizenship have the same rights to participate in the sale of the Helex token, therefore and because the company is registered in an offshore jurisdiction, one can participating from around the world and with no age limit.
Through our best service, Helex Corporation also simplifies the client the possibility to purchase and have the goods/property valued in the real world.
This platform offers a personalized service to its clients; while adapting to individual needs.
Helex Corporation creating private solutions, solutions tailored to clients ‘ needs, providing other possibilities that are available in various countries around the world.
With secrecy as a core value, The Helex Corporation offers anonymity to our clients who need them for their property or other services received from the team.
All customers can have their personal property in the name of or create offshore companies to protect their names.
Helex Corporation will always respect the local laws in any country or State and always suggested by the notary public and local lawyers in addition to an international lawyer.
The vision of this company is offering total freedom and anonymity to investors in the financing of these platforms and for all services offered the platform.
Helex tokens will be distributed so ico finished, which will be announced on the website and in the social media channels.

Website: https://helex.world
Luxpaper: https://helex.world/Luxpaper.pdf
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2971434
Twitter: https://twitter.com/helexcorp
Telegram: https://t.me/helextoken
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/helexcorp
My Profile:
My Ethereum Address:

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